Monday, July 23, 2012

The CEOs Of The Party!

St. Louis locals Dan Marsala, Mark Dayton, and Gabe Petcher are no strangers to the fast and fun times life has to offer.  From the late night skateboard sessions of their youth to the wild and Rock n Roll concert nights of their present years. They have proven to put the F-U back in FUN. If you’ve ever had the fire to last a night out with The Fuck Off And Dies and actually made it out clean of the sharpie tattoos that prove otherwise.  Congratulations on a job well done! You are an official witness to how the “CEO’s of Party” handle business. 


In the past year, The Fuck Off And Dies have changed from a four piece to only three members. Dan Marsala (vocals/guitar), Mark Dayton (bass/vocals), and Gabe Petcher (drums/vocals) have great chemistry when playing, writing, or just partying. When the band first originated as a joke among members, writing songs that were funny and placing them onto myspace. Soon the great response received, lit the flame to get this party started on a serious level. This meant booking shows and getting down to an album, and of coarse playing and partying harder. On top of the album release for “Songs In The Key Of Fuck”, the band has spread the party spirit to the masses. Their concerts are always wild and unique and portray the raw fun of partying hard! The members always have fun when they play, and the vibes are contagious as they blur into the audience and start the party strong. Of coarse there are no rules to partying, so people have fun in many different ways. “Although there will always be the really really drunk person, the naked person, the “woooooo” yellers, the “let’s have sex on the dance floor” dancers, the “I’m going to grab the microphone and sing too” singers, the list goes on and on” says Mark. Before shows they are always coming up with more ideas to party harder. They have done everything from bringing ramps, to renting confetti cannons to shoot off during their sets.

Now that The Fuck Off And Dies have found their full-time 9 to 5’s they had to get organized, and they are known to have a very specific writing process. Dan explains, “ It starts by partying. While partying we come up with fun phrases that involve -FUCK. From there we usually laugh about them and kind of develop a melody and think of more lines that fit. Usually when the hangover subsides, I write the guitar and basic song structure to fit these lines. From there we all jam it together and drink some beers and decide the best way to play the song. So long story short, the best party writing comes from partying.” With a new album in the writing process, they are all clocking in plenty of overtime working, partying, and surrounding them with more fun, booze, and skateboarding to influence their work.


The band has had the pleasure of playing with so many rad musicians and they always love to play with friends and other party enthusiasts.  Every show is awesome in its own way, from the small hole in the walls with close friends to completely sold out clubs. FOAD’s favorite shows are filled with friends, the ones that come to see them, and the ones they make when they get there. The best times are said to come from the before and after hours of the shows. “ The other day, we played with our great friends Greek Fire. We checked in to a hotel early in the day and partied in the pool, had some beers, and skateboarded in the parking lot all before the show. And have had some crazy after parties as well that have included getting kicked out of upscale clubs, drinking in the venue parking lots, taking everyone from the show to the darkest least crowded dive bar we can find.” laughs Gabe. They have played at strip clubs and brought a skatepark and local crew of heshers to join in the fun, and even brought a PA and lights to the campgrounds of a float trip to throw a giant outdoor campfire party. So they know their grime, but nothing beats the time after a show when a fan told Gabe to slap him. When he did the guy called Gabe a pussy and pulled out his  “guitar”, and Gabe held nothing back when “smashing his guitar” in a tribute to The Who.  All three members have found the elixir of hijinks, and no it is not in Keith Richards blood like many of you may think. “ We have a song called FUC401K about how partying is a full time job, which it truly is. As in anything you do for a living and love, you have to be all in, and trust me we are all in.” and they have the bar tabs and scars to prove it. Their research proves there is no real secret at all. “When you have fun, like true this is all that matters right now fun, people can see it and it’s contagious.” Through the thick smoke and blurred haze you can see that they just found something that they really enjoy doing, and that’s Party! 

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