Monday, July 16, 2012

Editor's Note - It's hard to keep up some days...

Damn, I've been so busy this past week that I forget to feed my dogs twice (someone else pointed this out), ate 10 meals (thanks Isagenix for the help), and slept just about the same 4 hours a night.....Why? We have so much going on that it's energetic and hard to stop moving. Our new radio show is getting fine tuned and ready to kick off on HST's 75th Birthday (I get some chills just thinking about that....) Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am we are going to be spreading the grime on "Bless Up with GG." It's awesome to learn something new and to be able to take our creative programming and design on the radio with Sub.Mission (which is a blessing). ITunes will have the station.....yeah excited once again. We are taking on new creative tasks like flash mobs, graffiti murals, guerrilla marketing, press coverage, and branding for new brands and our current clientele. We have a new website that will be launched this week - something to feature what's happening & you can find and enjoy the grime where ever you are. It's all coming together like a puzzle on your mom's kitchen table....nah mean?

We have information coming from everywhere these days from shoes in Milan to motorcycles in St. Petersburg...from music in Haiti to music in Iceland. It's all coming through our filters and, hopefully, will make the cut for our broadcasts. The radio show, web site, and social media will all continue to be cutting edge and impactful. And our new clients, events, charities, and fashion will be a big part of what keeps you "in the know."People ask a lot of questions about what we do and it's hard to pin down in a sentence...I thought about the Fire Relief Sticker with Ink Monstr, the events we help get talent to play and how it's synergetic to watch it all happen....the DJ in Aspen that we helped to get to where he is now...the fashion that we spread across the globe...the people that ask us to help with their needs in travels, relocation, and music. It's amazing to see; but now, it's also impossible to harness. We have so much going on and many events, people, music, fashion, and brands to study, watch, aid, and embrace.

We are a "creative media house." I was told by a friend this past weekend, "Your like Mad Men and Banksy put together for the brands of today to get their message to the people." I was shocked...I went numb...I can't compare to that other than "You have no idea what that feels like to hear. It's more than I could imagine if your mind just thought that up." He laughed...I almost cried.

The interns are killing it, the photographers are backed up with events that they can't even edit the photo's in time (our problems not yours), the writers are coming by the day, the meetings are starting to get longer yet more productive, people are embracing what we do.....the nights fade to days and the weeks are now months in advance....but whatever it brings we keep trying to keep you at the forefront.....It isn't us that fuel the's you. And I thank you for that. is your free comment spot --- tell us what's up...tell us what's hot...who's making moves...who's changing the game...who throws the best party....we read ALL OF IT - I promise you.

Radio Show - Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am MST - ITunes - Sub.Mission Radio

Colorado Fire Relief with Ink Monstr

Sub.Mission Radio

"Slow & Low" Dirt Monkey & Ishe - made by GG

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