Friday, July 27, 2012

Recycling Vs Upcycling

          Recycling Vs. Upcycling
 The reuse of our daily materials has played a major roll in the continuing evolution of mankind. The constant growth in population of man on earth and the continuing rise in demand for the earth’s providing materials is causing damaging affects. Many convenience items, such as plastic water bottles and aluminum containers for a drink on the go, take away too much energy from our planet and release toxins back into it. The reuse of materials produces less toxic pollution into our planets atmosphere. It also takes less energy from our planet to reuse materials rather than creating new ones. This act in turn allows the earth to produce improved water, air, plants, and wildlife. All of which are a key component in the health and wellness of the human body. With all this stated it is also important to discuss the major economical benefits of both recycling and up cycling. The cost of virgin materials is much higher, and so is their supply processes. In comparison materials being reused in similar forms or in the same form are far more economical. Recycling and up cycling are both very beneficial to our environment and overall health, and they will both continue to be a more proficient source for improving our longevity.

            Recycling has been a part of our society for some time now, and the benefits are remarkable. Many cities and states alike have been requiring recycling to be done in every home. The popularity of reusing materials as a society has grown tremendously since even the beginning of 2000 A great amount of space in our landfills has been reserved. Recycling has also greatly conserved our natural resources. It has cut back on pollution found in our air and water that are toxic to the human body. However, the rapid growth of developing societies needs for improved living standards. Along with the more economically developed societies over consumption of resources, that is much higher than the ability to regenerate. Recycling materials can be well assisted by the promotion of up cycling. In the growing improvement needed to help sustain proper living standards while also decreasing the exploitations on the planet. To continue with the proper standards of living for further evolutions of mankind, the need for more sustainable lifestyles in society in a must. The truth is that only so much can be done to the planet before it just runs out, and at the rate of consumption over regeneration it is only a matter of time before all our virgin resources are all dried up.

            Up cycling is a new improvement from recycling that reuses materials with out disturbing its quality of composition for its next use. Plastic bottles are too toxic to be recycled into products that may contain any items that may be ingested. This causes most recycled plastics to be used in clothing, toys, and carpets to name a few. This means that these items are becoming now non- recyclable items that will still one day add to our waste. Aluminum cans on the other hand, are melted down continuously into more aluminum containers. Newsprint also has been improved when reused to allow for a continuous cycle of reuse. This allows for items to stay in use, unlike basic recycling which only extends the life of a material. Up cycling allows materials to last far longer than entire generations will be on this planet. Allowing for less virgin materials to be needed to continue bettering our living standards. Which gives the planet the necessary time to redevelop these resources. This continuous recycling sends the reused materials back up the chain of produce. If this spread it would mean less mountains mined for virgin metals, less oil wells drilled for plastics, and less trees would need cut for paper. Reused materials saves much needed energy resources from our planet, and both recycling and up cycling are ways to greatly improve these processes.

            Both recycling and up cycling will tremendously prolong the human species. Saving energy the planet uses to create more virgin materials is being overly consumed at a rapid pace. If these habits are improved the environment will in return produce more proficient materials and wildlife for the betterment of mankind. The need to move more in the direction of up cycling to continue to move forward with this progress is very important. Even though recycling prolongs the use of materials for a period of time before still becoming waste. Preventing this can even extend into household items like TVs, furniture, and almost all other electronic devices in today's homes. Instead of tossing out broken items to become waste and then purchasing new items to replace old items. Instead the utilization of repairs on broken items will not only prolong the life of these materials, keeping them from taking space in landfills. But will also cut back on the demand for virgin materials on products not made from reused resources. The process of moving resources back up the supply chain will continue use of these materials long after the current population has been long gone. Up cycling is a process to repeat in the returning of materials back to a usable form without down grading them to a lesser value. Recycling will always play a great part to help in the improvement of our environment, but up cycling will play a major roll in the future growth and longevity of our planet. 

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