Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grimey Gatsby - Work Out & Health

I'm not the pro trainer in your local gym. I am someone that works 18-20 hour days - 7 days a week. Regularly skips breakfast and lunch....and works out as much as my body will allow. I have to be ready at 7am and going strong at 7pm and alert at 3am...all in the same day. This workout & info is something I have been using off and on for years. Our network of Health Guru's range from the beaches of Hollywood to the mountains of Aspen to the lacrosse fields of lacrosse players to pro football players...we have something for all of you.

STEP 1 - YOGA - keep the temple limber
Start doing YOGA 3x a week AT LEAST - this will change your attitude, your pace, your health, your wealth, and your energy. It is something that humans have used for a long time and, most importantly, it will keep your body adaptable to things that may come. It's like case your body needs to do something it isn't "used to"...IE pick up things, late night working, changing the oil....all types of things are easier when your chi is able to adapt.

Jaime Hartrich - Yogi Guru (Aspen, CO)
Becky Schaller - Personal Trainer/ Yogini - Las Vegas Sin Player (LFL) (Hollywood, CA)
Josh Tankersley - Body Work Specialist, Yogi, Former Professional Athlete (Aspen, CO)

STEP 2 - think healthy - make good habits
Get used to making decisions that will make your day easier...

start stretching (not yoga but like gym class) when you get up in the morning and before you sleep in the evenings (or early mornings). This will keep the blood flow regular but will also give those muscles a little love. It takes 10 minutes and will go a long way.

Eat RAW food - fruits, nuts, veggies, juices --- anything you can that is not "processed by a person" RAW = from the earth = better for your body

I use Isagenix as a diet formula during the week. It helps with my fast paced, active, and never ending lifestyle....most of all - It keeps me balanced, alert, and ready for the obstacles of today.
Contact: Team Breathing Room - Cyndi Hunt


Cut your food portions in down 30%

Stop eating after 8pm (some say 7pm but that is with a projected bed time of 11pm)

STEP 3 - RUN - burn off the fat the fastest
Running will always cut more calories than any other exercise. It takes 2/3 more biking to equal the calories burned while running. It's also better to walk/hike uphill than to bike uphill....better overall efficiency for the workout and the body (upper & lower). If you start walking for 30 minutes a will see results. Same if you start running a mile and try to add a mile for every month for 5 months. Once you can run 6 miles in a are in the right direction to getting your "rock hard bod."If you don't have enough time to get in 3 miles - You can do sprints almost anywhere to kick up the heart rate.

GGFam - Running
James Aldridge - Personal Trainer, Former Miami Dolphin Running Back, Aspen High School Speed & Conditioning Coach (Aspen, CO)

Towel or Yoga Mat

START (pics)
Normal Push Ups - 10
(You know the deal - straight back....)
Standing Elbows to Knees - 25
(Bring left elbow to right knee while standing then switch)
Feet Raised Push Ups - 10
(Put feet on coffee table or couch)
Standing Elbows to Knees - 25
(same as above...)
Diamond Push Ups - 10
(place hands together on floor to make a "diamond")
Laying Elbows to Knees - 50
(keep feet off floor - same as above but laying down)
Spider-Man Push Ups - 10 (20 total)
(place right hand above left hand in "push-up" position - switch, by popping off ground)
Crunches - 50
(keep feet off ground - just like gym glass - place rolled up towel under chin for support if needed)

Water Break - drink it....

Wide Grip Push Ups - 10
(One hand length further out than normal push-ups)
Side to Side with Hands - Legs up - 50
(sit with legs off ground - hands in prayer - rotate shoulders and touch ground on each side)
Judo Push Ups - 10 (slow)
(Legs apart - Down on elbows - swoop through and look up - google for more info)
On Hip pull legs in - 25
(lay on hip - keep both legs off ground - "side crunch" by bringing legs into stomach)
Normal Push Up - 10
(you know the routine)
On Hip pull legs in - 25
(switch side and repeat above position)
yes, the whole thing
almost done :)
Savasanah - 3 minutes
(turn off all controlled noise, lights, and senses for 3 minutes - lay on back on floor)


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