Thursday, July 19, 2012

GetUp Global - Aspen's new fashion from the streets

From train cars to brick walls you see graffiti all over today's world. And now with some bigger "branding" players in the see corporate "graff murals" to community wall's everywhere and one of the hottest trends in "guerrilla marketing." So...when you want a mural done you have to find a "real graf" artist that knows what their doing. Not some art student off the street. 

And that's what brings us to GetUp Global.

"Get Up" - term used for tagging, creating, or spraying a new piece of art

"Global" - universal

You get the point..... 

Roscoe finishing up Crossfit Denver's mural...

So now that we have the "creative" aspect in your sights. We now can talk about their relentless journey to make the clothing that has the "art of today" on it. And their doing a great job!!! Their first line of clothing is on excellent fabric, the designs are crisp, and the color scheme is perfect. I was fortunate enough to get a tank top & a shirt this past week when I linked up with Joey & Roscoe to talk more about GetUp Global. The tanks are moving fast for the men & women. The "Occupy Walls" shirt is taking over the underground as we speak....the best message we have seen from this movement. And their next line is already underway.....[sidenote] we might be talking "collabo" with them next month.

"It's not about who 'like's' it on Facebook. It's about who buys it in the stores and reps it in the streets. Underground isn't matter how many times you try to tell me different. Underground is holding the can, holding the paint pen, practicing with vinyl in the basement.....people have lost what it really takes to be 'creative,'" as Joey put it to me over some donuts. He continued, "I like making art. I like viewing art but I don't like viewing the same thing over and over and over again. How many times can people use a cat head in their design? Some things are played out these days." I asked an easy question, "What's the goal for the summer/fall?" Joey lit up like a kid in a candy shop, "sell the inventory, keep the audience satisfied, open new accounts outside Colorado, and make sure to keep it hot like we do," a slight chuckle came out with the last line but he still meant every word of it.

The "Spray Can G" is something we all could use in the wardrobe.

Toadie can't get enough of "Occupy Walls"
"GetUp Global is a brand that embraces the streets and the people of today. It's about being yourself, taking responsibility in the revolutions of today, and keeping it one hundred with the audience, clients, and networks we have. They know who we are. Coming from Woody Creek (home of HST), gave us a great look into what the 'counter cultures' of the past did to succeed. Now we bring that love for Gonzo where ever we go. It's just part of us since birth." Roscoe said in a subtle yet impactful voice. He smiled afterwards like he just won the spelling bee in 5th grade. "Art & Creation is what we do, and we do it with passion...which you don't always find in today's world." 

Ain't that the truth...

The ladies line is something to look into before it's too late!!!

Contact GetUp Global if you want them 
in your store, hood, or closet!!!

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