Friday, July 6, 2012

Denver "Secret Patients" shopping the MC's

We are still taking submissions about your local MC. We are educating the patients of Colorado where to get safe, cost effective, and potent meds. All you need to do is email your submission to ---- We will post them like these -- anonymous, safe, and informative.

Spread the Grime one patient at a time!!!!

Golden Goat - (303)-219-GOAT
7801 East Colfax
Denver, CO
I stopped by and saw what meds the crew had for the weekend. I was able to get a quarter
for the $40 that would usually get me an eighth at my normal place. They were helpful and
kind. Gave me a bottle of water for the road before I left since it's so hot out.

Medicine Quality: 8/10
Medicine Cost: $40 for 1/4
Customer Service: 8/10
Overall Shop Vibe: 8/10
I will be going back to Golden Goat for sure.

The Clinic - (303) 758-9114
3888 East Mexico Avenue  
Denver, CO 80210

It was hard to find but the A/C felt great. They have a huge lobby to wait in and some great magazines to read. I was able to get some edibles for my insomnia and tasty flavors for my evenings at home. Their staff was knowledgeable and made me feel welcomed. The only thing that I saw was a light bulb in the bud room that needed to be changed. The rest was just dandy like the candy I took home.

Medicine Quality: 7/10
Customer Service: 8/10
1st Timer Deal: 15% off your first & second purchase
Overall Shop Vibe: 8/10
The cookie that I bought was pretty weak once I got home and used it. The hard candy and the meds I brought home hit the spot.

Heartland Pharmacy - (303) 468-6100
3950 Holly Street  
Denver, CO 80207

The shop had a very friendly man cooking outside and giving away free snow cones when I pulled
up. The pulled pork smelled like it was lunch time but it wasn't even 10:30am and it was busy. The 
lady at the front counter gave me a seat and a bag of popcorn....fresh popped popcorn. I waited and 
then got to head into the budroom. They have many selections of some top shelf tastes. The place 
was clean...I always like to be in a clean place to get my meds. The staff was welcoming and smart.
I know why they are one of the "favorite" spots for the patients in my area.

Medicine Quality: 8/10
Patient Service: 9/10
1st Timer Deal: $10 for 1/8
Overall Shop Vibe: 8/10
They always take care of the patient and their staff - always good to know

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