Thursday, July 19, 2012

Made In Denver - Budweiser presents...

As part of their "Made In...." party series, Budweiser filled the Filmore Auditorium on Tuesday night with music, an interactive multi-media extravaganza and (of course) lots of beer! The party was free for Budweiser Facebook fans who registered online.  The parties are being held across the country in lead up to the Made In America Festival that will be held in Philadelphia Labor Day weekend. 

After passing through the Ipad guest list check, all guests signed into their Facebook accounts and were given a RF (radio frequency) enabled wristband that linked their party antics to their Facebook accounts. The Gatsby kept lookin' around for Neo, 'cause getting into this party felt like entering the Matrix.

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After the social media gauntlet, guests were handed a cold Budweiser and then entered the next segment of the party.  Funneling into the main area of the venue was an entryway that felt a lil' bit like Junior Prom. There was a "paparazzi" area (and a scanning of your wristband, which posted your entrance to the party to Facebook....seriously, when's Keanu gonna pop out in a trench coat?) where some kids hammed it up, showing off on a live feed to a giant screen in the main venue. There was also the fountain of fog you had to walk through...totally high school dance.  Of course, your high school probably didn't let a beer company project it's ads at your prom (that wall of fog was also a projection screen....made us feel like we we walking into a Bud advertisment). 

 Photos: Pink Fog Photography

Once inside, guests chowed on free food, picked up iron-transfer tshirts and posed for glamour shots at the photo booth.  Elsewhere, they could track their beer's journey from the brewery to their hand (using Bud's signature "born on date" or sample Bud's new small batches, debuting for the first time in Colorado. There were six different brews, including batches from Fort Collins, LA, and Virginia (mmm...cured in Bourbon barrels).  After sampling, guests were asked to vote for their favorites using an Ipad survey. The most popular brew after the "Made In..." tour wraps this fall will become the newest Budweiser product to hit the shelves for the public.

The author & a friend "Keep it Gatsby" 

The party couldn't possibly be dubbed "Made In Denver" without some serious local electronic acts on stage.  No disappointments there.  Fisk came with his standard swagger, including his trademark sample  reminding the crowd that it's all happening "out in Denver, Colorado". Elm and Oak founder Raw Russ dropped hard beats and sampled some radio hits ("Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye, yea Raw Russ can still make that gangsta) to get the dance floor movin'.  Headliners Flosstradamus  are out of Chicago; another city known for its EDM scene. Producers J2K and Autobot have been playing together since 2006 and their sound has evolved into a "hood symphony." They brought their own blend of bass music, trap and club banger remixes to the Filmore and Denver was definitely showin' the love.

Photos: KBS Photography 

Photo: Pink Fog Photography

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