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More Grimey Art with Danielle Spradley

 I was able to catch back up with painter, print maker, paper maker Danielle Spradley. She is always on the Grime so I took the opportunity to get a few questions by her while I had the chance. Her work is very Gatsby and her message to clean up the Grimey streets around us is always top notch in the GG books! 

What do you feel brings out your best work?

I'm adhering to a pretty strict uh drug regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber. Really a bottle of wine a good soul record or dork ass online lecture and lots of cigarettes. 

Who are some of the most inspiring artist you have worked with?

 I'd have to say Jeremy Fish, Will Barras, and Ephameron would be at the top of the list.

We think it is very Gatsby that you make all your own paper for your work, How did you get into paper making?

I went to Memphis College of Art and took a paper making class and really got stoked on it. I honestly never thought I'd still be doing it but through some crazy luck my landlord/boss happens to be a well known paper maker. Hence I have a paper studio in my basement. Plus I hate painting on canvas. I don't like the texture. 

Your work shows a great deal of trash and litter, what do you think people should do to help the cause?

Man, first all people need to quit eating fast food. The majority of trash I see are fast food wrappers, bags, and soda bottles. I was just down in Louisiana on the Gulf because my boss Joan Hall's work is based in ocean trash and plastic. It's insane the amount of soda bottles wash up on the beach. It's foul. Also balloons, never let party balloons go people. That shit ends up in the ocean. It's kind of the chicken or the egg question, most of the trash I see is junk food waste because the people that eat that stuff don't give a fuck about their health so why would they care about their environment or do they not give a fuck because that stuff is so readily available and everybody eats it. Why would you care about disposing of something properly when you obtained it so easily. If you're not conscience of what toxic crap you put in your body you're not going to be conscience of what you put in yours and other people's surroundings.

Skylab 2012 - Denver - Sept. 22

This year's SKYLAB is on Saturday, September 22 at the Denver Coliseum, and will feature Porter Robinson, Gareth Emery, Zedd, Andy C, Downlink, Borgore, Armanni Reign, Dragon, Ecotek, Jontron, Fury, Trajikk, Kevin Alves and more.

We will have our photographers and writers there for this awesome event. Make sure to grab your ticket now so you don't have to wait around. Mission Control is issuing new "mission outlines" as we speak. The most current one is attached below so you can "catch up" to where we are now...It's about time for LAUNCH!!!!!!

Sent in from Mission Control:
"Starting 18 years ago, we have explored many strange new worlds and charted unexplained phenomenon on our Skylab missions. We have lunched to the outer limits of our universe and found adventure amidst the sparkling stars of our galaxy. Skylab 2012 is getting ready to launch and this time we are traveling into uncharted territory. We are preparing to venture into unexplored and found by darkness, overcome by a blackout.

But this blackout is not a desert void of life. Beneath the darkness, we encounter new creatures that bear a resemblance to creatures from the light. This is a mission we must embark on as one, prepared for the unexpected. 

It is time to embrace the darkness.
It is time for Mission BlackOut."

Check out the official trailer here:

Crossfire Hurricane - The Rolling Stones new movie!!!!!

The Rolling Stones, the rock ‘n’ roll icons who have defined creativity, daring and durability, are to be chronicled in a kaleidoscopic new film that will debut Nov. 15 on HBO, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of Programming.  The film documents the key periods in their career and their incredible adventures. CROSSFIRE HURRICANE, directed by Brett Morgen, provides a remarkable new perspective on the Stones’ unparalleled journey from blues-obsessed teenagers in the early ‘60s to rock royalty. It’s all here in panoramic candour, from the Marquee Club to Hyde Park, from Altamont to “Exile,” from club gigs to stadium extravaganzas.  In addition to the U.S. premiere on HBO, in the UK  the film will receive a theatrical release and can be seen by Stones fans in selected cinemas across the country in the fall. It will also broadcast on BBC 2 later in the year.

            With never-before-seen footage and fresh insights from the band themselves, the film will delight, shock and amaze longtime devotees, as well as another generation of fans, with its uniquely immersive style and tone. CROSSFIRE HURRICANE places the viewer right on the front line of the band’s most legendary escapades.

            Taking its title from a lyric in “Jumping Jack Flash,” CROSSFIRE HURRICANE gives the audience an intimate insight, for the first time, into exactly what it’s like to be part of the Rolling Stones, as they overcame denunciation, drugs, dissensions and death to become the definitive survivors. It’s the backstage pass to outdo them all.

            The odyssey includes film from the Stones’ initial road trips and first controversies as they became the anti-Beatles, the group despised by authority because they connected and communicated with their own generation as no one else ever had. “When we got together,” says Wyman, “something magical happened, and no one could ever copy that.”  From the outset of the film, viewers know they’re in for a white-knuckle ride. No sooner had the early Stones line-up first played live under that name in the summer of 1962 than they were bigger than the venues that tried to hold them. Wyman remembers how the crowds were soon inspiring manic behaviour, especially among screaming girls, whose uncontrollable excitement was obvious as stardom beckoned for the band already earmarked as the bad guys with press headlines like ‘Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?’

            Riots and the chaos of early tours are graphically depicted, as is the birth of the Jagger-Richards songwriting partnership. The many dramas they encountered are also fully addressed, including the Redlands drug bust, the descent of Brian Jones into what Richards calls “bye-bye land,” and the terror and disillusionment of 1969’s Altamont Festival.

            The band’s rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is also discussed with extraordinary forthrightness, including the time of their seminal 1972 album “Exile on Main St.,” which topped the British charts both then and 38 years later in its deluxe reissue. Their very survival repeatedly under threat, we see how the Stones survived with a backs-to-the-wall spirit. “We may be going down,” says Keith, “but we’re not going down your way.”  The film illustrates the Stones’ evolution from being, as Mick vividly describes it, “the band everybody hated to the band everybody loves,” through the hedonistic 1970s and Keith’s turning-point bust in Canada to the spectacular touring phenomenon we know today. Richards also reveals the song that he believes defines the “essence” of his writing relationship with Jagger more than any other.  

            Asked in a formative interview in the film what it is that sets them apart from other groups, Jagger says with quiet understatement, “A chemical reaction seems to have happened.” Keith Richards added, “You can't really stop the Rolling Stones, you know when that sort of avalanche is facing you, you just get out of the way”. It’s been happening ever since, and the life and times of the Rolling Stones have never been as electrifyingly portrayed as they are in CROSSFIRE HURRICANE.

            Director Brett Morgen added, “CROSSFIRE HURRICANE invites the audience to experience firsthand the Stones' nearly mythical journey from outsiders to rock and roll royalty. This is not an academic history lesson. CROSSFIRE HURRICANE allows the viewer to experience the Stones' journey from a unique vantage point.  It's an aural and visual roller coaster ride.” Worldwide distributors of CROSSFIRE HURRICANE are Eagle Rock Entertainment in London, with Tremelo Productions and Milkwood Films as the production companies.

            Eagle Rock Entertainment Chairman and CEO, Terry Shand said, “We are very pleased to continue our association with the Rolling Stones visual rights agenda and their collaboration with such great filmmakers.”  As befits the first rock band to reach the 50-year milestone with their global stature now greater than ever, the film combines extensive historical footage, much of it widely unseen, with contemporary commentaries by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and former Stones Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor. Period interviews, extensive live performance material and news archive give the production a truly kinetic aura and no-holds-barred approach. CROSSFIRE HURRICANE has taken over a year to make and produce with the full cooperation of The Rolling Stones and will be released in November. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aaron Hooper - Director - Givin Vids "TOO"

Givin Vids "TOO"

Hunt recently caught up with Aaron Hooper, director at Givin Vids, before he starts his travels for the Fall releases. He was in Baker and filming all over with his Givin crew. Some new additions and the same gnarly gangsta's as always are the cast of characters in their second feature film....TOO
A man of simple thoughts and great creativity, Aaron is a true OG of the Snowboard Indusrty. It's good to catch up with him before he has to get ready for the next season of working...

Givin Vids Facebook

How are the people in Baker?
Very chill - it's core there and plenty of outdoorsmen. It was a great winter there to film "Too."

Snow Quality in Baker?
It's rad - different in scope some wet some, some heavy. But the cold would help with the layers. It might drop a foot while you're out for the day

Thoughts on the new video "TOO"?
It's awesome and worth your time to watch it. Anyone that like our first video "One" will enjoy this. The last one was our introduction. This film is our next chapter of opening up to the audience. Our feature films are for them to "know us." That's why we do it...for the audience.

Would you move to Baker?
I kinda already did this past winter. It's cheap and enjoyable. I liked it but have to chase the storms for the films.

How does "Too" compared to last year?
Forest Burke for one, Chris Bradshaw, and Blayne Treeter are probably the three biggest edition to the crew. Straight man child from those three...crazy rails - switch moves --- All types of ballsy. Bradshaw is legend.

How did Wyatt did this year?
His part is sick as it gets. He is a true soul rider.

Anything to new this year?
Gnu and Stepchild Boards get a shout out this year...

What's next for you?
I'm flying out to LA tomorrow....
Laguna Regency Theater
Thursday - 8:30pm doors open
$5 at the door
After Party will go down as Marine Room Tavern - come by and see the crew for some fun.
Then it's the Fall releases all over the mountain towns. The Meeting in Aspen is always a great event to enjoy.

Failure's Union - Studio Session

Our man Hunt is at it again and again. He never sleeps on music. He found these cats and decided to get involved. If you don't know Failure's're about to

*written for a partner site -

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cast a Gypsy Spell this Fall

As summer draws to a close it's time to reach for those pieces that make us feel cozy and easy. The earthiness of harvest time calls for neutral colors, natural fabrics, accessories and clothes that drape like falling leaves.  Good thing the Aussie ladies of Spell & the Gypsy Collective have all this on hand. 

Sisters Isabella and Elizabeth Briedis grew up in a creative family; their father a leather craftsman, their mother a potter and weaver.  The influence clearly rubbed off as the sisters have channeled their creative upbringing and a variety of influences into the easy-going glamour of their bohemian brand. Starting with turquoise, feather and leather jewelry and growing into a full-blown design studio. The ladies eventually launched their flagship store from their studio in Byron Bay, Australia. Don't fret though, you can always shop online for their fun prints, flowy garments and mystical accessories.

Drawing heavily from North American Native American and southwestern cultures, Spell uses lots of leather, turquoise, animal imagery, geometric patterns and feathers. Throw in a splash of animal print (tiger tiger, buringing bright!) and fun embellishments and you've got a look that oozes boho chic. 

Spell branches out from fashion into some fabulous artistic collaborations. Their lookbooks are stunning in and of themselves as artwork.  They capture wanderlust and travel, solitude and longing, mystery and wonder....oh, and they show off sexy, comfortable clothes too.  The duo also teamed up with online fashion publication Ben Trovato in Febuary of this year to create a  short film, "Freedom in Solitude",  featuring photographer Sybil Steele, filmmaker Johnny Abegg, makeup artist Phoebe Barrett, and starring balian stunner  Fa’ Empel.  

Reggae on the Rocks - The ITAL Power of Colorado

Another weekend of reggae, positivity, and Rasta came through Red Rocks and we were there to take it all in. The day kicked off early with a meet & greet for the fans. People were enjoying the parking lots, frisbees, reggae rythms, and sun when we pulled up. We were offered a refreshment before I could get out of my car :). You know it's going to be a great day of relaxation when Reggae on the Rocks is here!!

Reggae on the Rocks is something to attend next year!!!

We had some friends from there to show us around. Great group of music lovers and they also have the best products for your vaporizer needs. I watched them fix two on-site. Customer service and satisfaction aren't just for the public but the talent too. They took care of 3 of the acts that played backstage as well. Big Ups to for their continued support of music and great times. Also a big "Thank You" to for the passes to this event.

The Meditations kicked off the evening with a set that was soothing to start the day. They have been around for many many years and still rain down true Roots, Rock, Reggae whenever and where ever they take the stage. They made the trek from NYC in 30 hours to come enjoy the vibe with their fellow Rasta's.

Rebelution made the crowd smile....
Rebelution has been charging through the festivals, line ups, venues, and radio this year. Marley, their bassist, said it best, "I think it's all about creation. We create a sound to create an emotion. Reggae is about that positive creation and the movement of those emotions. It's a great feeling on stage to see the people 'receiving' your vibe." These guys love what they do and are proving it all over the country. Stated a few times as "the next Slightly Stoopid" around the backstage that day. The boys have a soothing sound on the issues of today and the positivity to make your problems wash away.

Steel Pulse was a great set to see!!!
 We were asked to come and "enjoy" the show and that turned into "being a part of the show." 

Amlak, Steel Pulse's Bassist, asked Hunt if he could "shoot the show" for him on his camera. I'm sure you know his answer....."Of course Bredren." Amlak is compiling video from his journeys for a piece called "What is Reggae Music to You?" We talked with people in the crowd, legendary artists, influencers, and industry heads about "Why Reggae Music is so Positive." Amlak was in the first row of people right after he's set to interview and enjoy the Red Rocks community. Gotta love how these bands "give back" to the people.

Steel Pulse brought the grooves. A favorite of ours was "No More Weapons" (which was featured on our Radio Show). David, Almak, Wayne, Donovan, and the rest of the group brought the LIVITY of the RASTA to life. Moving the crowd, dancing, and over all happiness is what you can see at any Steel Pulse show. Since the start of their career the problems of today have been their target. They are still enlightening the masses to the way of Jah Rastafari.

The Family, Steel Pulse, is always positive livity!!!

The "Original Mau Mau Kenya Rasta—Conquering Lion of JudahBurning Spear was the finishing touches on the cake. We saw him perform at the Bob Marley Festival in Miami earlier this year. He is the OG of the lion pride. His melodies and sound carry over decades of Unity, Rasta, and journeyman spirit. Seeing the crowd engulf his message and "talk to me" is a powerful interaction. The crowd chanted down Babylon with the maestro of Tafari. He showed the Aurora Shooting Victims respect with a moment of silence...followed by a large "JAAAAAAH Rastafari!!!!"

Burning Spear is legend.

After the show it was a family affair back stage. Marley, of Rebelution, was donning Amlak and the Steel Pulse crew in Hill Kid Clothing for their travels back to England. The Rasta's of Denver were all congregated around tables talking about the next festival, show, or event in their area. Everyone was elated to see Reggae on the Rocks become a succesful event. Seattle, New Mexico, California, Colorado, New York, and England were a few places that showed up for this extravaganza. 

The Rasta community is one of tradition and respect. It show's love to it's members and the public. From signing autographs to hugging children, the Rasta livity has never been stronger. "Unification for the future is what I&I believe will come. We are a strong pride and we have been walking Jah Earth since creation. We are all Rasta's on the just have to feel the heart function..." - Donald Maxell of The Meditations put it best......

Hunt, the author, & David Hinds of Steel Pulse - Unity!!!

Recycle your skateboards!

I’m sure all of you grimey skateboarders out there have seen the all to familiar look of a closet stacked with old beaten and broken memories. The trophy to many effortless tre flips and the reminder of that heelflip that took days to get just right on film. The heel bruise has healed up and the splintered remains multiply by the week during those gorgeous summer months. Whether you skate or you don’t, I’m sure you’ve past the unique and surprisingly comfortable sight of a recycled deck chair or bench, but my mind wonders into the endless possibilities for great deck furniture. From the too legit look of a skate deck Ipod stereo mount on the wall, to fixing those beat stairs I stumble up after long day at the park. Maybe a bookshelf for the little shredders room or if they’ve really piled up, go for gold and create that entertainment center you always knew would look better in a true stressed and reused Canadian maple! Don’t stress when your decks get grimey just get creative! Here's a few good ideas to get you started.

Friday, August 24, 2012 - ATMOS Vape Pen - Product Review

We were encountered by a brand that has been in Colorado for a couple years now but is making waves all over the US. is the place to find all your vaporizer needs.....portable, at home, hard cases, grinders, pens, and lots of medicine. Founded in California, you can now find them all over the states as the premiere Vape brand & specialists. We were fortunate enough to be dropped an "ATMOS Pen" to conduct a product test with some patients. It scored higher than any product we have tested so far. 

4 Patients to fill and "use" the ATMOS
 1 push of the button (5 seconds of heat)
1 Inhale to their desired amount

Effects after 5 minutes, 15 minutes, & 30 minutes

With the ease of use, being re-chargeable, it holds the "dabs" for you, and it's a vaporizer that you carry in your pocket. Our patients flipped after they looked at it like a UFO. First, they all looked at it like a thermometer. They they hit the button and started to enjoy the sweet easy vape of the ATMOS. All of them were amazed at "how fast" and "how much" was accomplished in just one hit of the button. It is something that all patients need for their travels, weekend, or next party. The ATMOS is the future...and it's the healthiest way to medicate. It's easy to clean, very light, and charges on your computer or any USB port charger (a HUGE plus in today's world of travel and 'on the go' living).

All 4 patients reported feeling "better than when we started" after the test. 3 patients said they were "fine for a while" after 1 inhale. All 4 patients reported effects after 5 minutes. 2 patients reported effects after 1 minute. All 4 patients asked where to get an ATMOS. They all reported that it worked and felt they were "medicating with ease." "It tastes better & is better for me" was stated by 3 patients as well....It scored 9/10 with all patients. 

Make sure you contact us for any products you wish to have tested or reviewed:

Indy Ink Celebrates Ten Years!

The Gatsby got a solid taste of Denver's art world at IndyInk's tenth anniversary group exhibition. IndyInk holds down a solid spot on South Broadway and has been an anchor of the Denver arts scene for much of its decade-long history.  Growing from a screen printing operation opened in 2002, IndyInk is now a retail shop, design studio, and gallery that consistently showcases local 303 artists.

This Denver institution is a brick and mortar bastion of art, design, and fashion. Check out Grimey Gatsby's July feature on IndyInk. The group exhibition celebrating their tenth anniversary features fifty artists from the mile high city, indicative of their scope within the industry here. 

Tenth Anniversary Tees

The mood at the opening was festive and the crowd was a flavorful mix of styles and personalities. Biker Jim's, running hot on the heels of their appearance at InkMonstr's Pool Side party, was slinging dogs to the hungry art-viewing masses.

*Felting Demarest "Shiva the"

The back of the shop was a vibrant display of art, 303's Custom Printed skateboards (works of art in their own right);  and fixed gear bikes and accessories from State Bicycle Co in poppy bright colors. These bikes from Tempe, Arizona  can be custom built in house by a Velo-smith.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bless Up Show 6: Aug 22nd, 2012

Bless Up GG show 6: Aug 22nd, 2012

Hot Like Sauce – Pretty Lights
Hydroplane VIP - Max Lord
Towers – Bon Iver
Ho Hey – The Lumineers
Vanished – Crystal Castles
Video Tapez – Amp Live
People Everyday – Arrested Development
C.R.E.A.M – Wu Tang
Adrenaline Rush – Twista
Big Pimpin’ – Jay Z  & UGK
Cell Therapy – Goodie Mob
All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
Black – Pearl Jam
Burn One Down – Ben Harper
Dreamin’ – Amos Lee
Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones
My Baby Boo – Kevens – Ekto 1
Hunger Strike – Temple of the Dog
Say it Aint So - Weezer
Sierra Leone – Mt. Eden
Mary Anne Hobbs Mix – DJ Shadow - Radio 1 BBC

Burning Man - Burner Map (App) to find friends, The Man is standing, & KBS Photography will be covering the Burn and taking pics for us....Contact her with your location.

"Friday's Grime" on Callywood Productions ( for submitting your tunes) WILL AIR IN SEPTEMBER ON FRIDAYS 5PM-6PM WEEKLY - send in your MUSIC -!!!!!

Happy Birthday Coult 45

Magic Vegas Show - Dunk Xchange, Irons Brand, In4mation, Bun B is covering it with grime!!

Steep Hill Lab - The Mac Garage - Isagenix/Team Breathing Room - Ruckus Apparel - GetUp Global - Alternate Decision Clothing - Beatrice Holiday - CAM Dispensary -

Crystal Frequencies - August 24th - promo code "grimey" gets you $2 off pre-sale and day of sale for the event - 8pm-6am party with Unlimited Gravity headlining!!!!


Radio Invasion – NYC – - DJ Symphony (WU FAM)

GG Services - SHOUT OUTS!!!!!
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Cory Parrottino Photography
Light Giest Photo
KBS Photography
Berkel Beats