Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Editor's Notes - Year 1, 2013, & This winter

Editor's Note from Hunt

Wow, it's amazing how much each week brings us with new information, audience, and projects. We are seeing more content being sent our way than ever (thegatsby@thegrimeygatsby.com is the place for that). I get calls daily from all over the nation about stories, new developments, and the continued "spreading of the grime" that we have all come to love. We have viral articles, videos, and events that come across the desk to get us all worked up about why we weren't there.....and it's because we aren't that big yet (to be honest). Our growth has amazed me from seeing phones in Miami that are set to our home screens to pictures in LA that turn up on "news sites." It's great to see the GG traveling through the pulse of today.  In one year we have surpassed all of our goals....it has been a great journey.

"What's the new grime?"
It's how all of my meetings have started recently....."Hunt, why don't you start off with somethings you are doing and we can go from there," is how one of them went. It always make me think about how "creativity" is something that will never be taught or assigned. There are those that are creative and those that aren't. And in today's world of business....if you aren't creative...your last week's newspaper AKA junk. People love being engaged...."Making people think is what you do best. And that simplicity is why you are who you are." That is what an old friend of mine said....and maybe that is all we need to do = make people think.

Is that the best thing to do for our environment? Are you going to wear those shoes with that dress? Why don't you listen to this? Did you know that ____ is the color this season?

Humans want to think....so why have we gotten away from this? You see ads that do the thinking for people....or people talk in answers and not questions in boardrooms. It's not about making people "drink" - It's about leading them to "water." It brings me to the point of my Editor's Note.

Hunt of Grimey Gatsby
Grimey Gatsby started a little over a year ago. In a small 2 bed room apartment in Aspen. Since then, I haven't changed who I am....just what "we" cover. Yes, we have expanded, relocated, and re-aligned in the past 13 months. But that just adds to our ever present "buzz" and "clout" that people are loving day in and day out. We recently had a huge surge in South America....they are now understanding that we are the place to find the "real news of today's world." The radio show is growing week by week - 7 countries were tuned in last Wednesday....this blows my mind when talking to clients & advertisers who can't get past their "friends who won't like their page." 7 countries were listening to us "on air" for their Wednesday.....it's amazing to grasp that type of audience. But I haven't decided to change "who" we are or "what" we stand for......there will never be a change in logic, morals, or love. We are just creating new ways to embrace it from our Tree Planting & Fire Relief Stickers to our Bear & Dog relocation efforts. "It's always going to be about Doing the Right Thing," as Spyke said.....

I was casted in a radio ad this week to do the voice over....and I'm still shocked they called. We have so many things in the "pipeline" right now that it's hard to make it into next week without feeling like we left a child at home alone. The interns are becoming staffers...the staffers are becoming "booked in advance" and the clients are tossing more and more our way to make their lives easy and their brands successful. Taking on staff photography for Sub.Mission is a prime example of this......and Hunter Baar Photo being selected by London Entertainment is another. We are growing and sprouting everywhere like dandelions....soon the wind will blow and you know what that means......the grime spreads!!!!

In the end, it's the clients and the audience that fuel our "work ethic" and finding the info for you. Our mission is still constant...and our staff is ever-growing. The music, fashion, and events are starting to overflow from the markets.....It's a blessing to see the Gatsby's out there embracing our message. I thank you for that and hope that we keep you focused on "what's next." If you see one of my staff out and about make sure to tell them thanks. Without them there would be no "us."

Spread the Grime & Keep it Gatsby,

@RastaShaolin - Twitter
@GrimeyGatsby - Instagram

Remember, after we are all gone....what have you left that will grow with eternity?
Sometimes it's as easy as planting a tree or doing the right thing.....

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