Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recycle your skateboards!

I’m sure all of you grimey skateboarders out there have seen the all to familiar look of a closet stacked with old beaten and broken memories. The trophy to many effortless tre flips and the reminder of that heelflip that took days to get just right on film. The heel bruise has healed up and the splintered remains multiply by the week during those gorgeous summer months. Whether you skate or you don’t, I’m sure you’ve past the unique and surprisingly comfortable sight of a recycled deck chair or bench, but my mind wonders into the endless possibilities for great deck furniture. From the too legit look of a skate deck Ipod stereo mount on the wall, to fixing those beat stairs I stumble up after long day at the park. Maybe a bookshelf for the little shredders room or if they’ve really piled up, go for gold and create that entertainment center you always knew would look better in a true stressed and reused Canadian maple! Don’t stress when your decks get grimey just get creative! Here's a few good ideas to get you started.

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