Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cast a Gypsy Spell this Fall

As summer draws to a close it's time to reach for those pieces that make us feel cozy and easy. The earthiness of harvest time calls for neutral colors, natural fabrics, accessories and clothes that drape like falling leaves.  Good thing the Aussie ladies of Spell & the Gypsy Collective have all this on hand. 

Sisters Isabella and Elizabeth Briedis grew up in a creative family; their father a leather craftsman, their mother a potter and weaver.  The influence clearly rubbed off as the sisters have channeled their creative upbringing and a variety of influences into the easy-going glamour of their bohemian brand. Starting with turquoise, feather and leather jewelry and growing into a full-blown design studio. The ladies eventually launched their flagship store from their studio in Byron Bay, Australia. Don't fret though, you can always shop online for their fun prints, flowy garments and mystical accessories.

Drawing heavily from North American Native American and southwestern cultures, Spell uses lots of leather, turquoise, animal imagery, geometric patterns and feathers. Throw in a splash of animal print (tiger tiger, buringing bright!) and fun embellishments and you've got a look that oozes boho chic. 

Spell branches out from fashion into some fabulous artistic collaborations. Their lookbooks are stunning in and of themselves as artwork.  They capture wanderlust and travel, solitude and longing, mystery and wonder....oh, and they show off sexy, comfortable clothes too.  The duo also teamed up with online fashion publication Ben Trovato in Febuary of this year to create a  short film, "Freedom in Solitude",  featuring photographer Sybil Steele, filmmaker Johnny Abegg, makeup artist Phoebe Barrett, and starring balian stunner  Fa’ Empel.  

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