Thursday, August 16, 2012

Early Dreams of Powder and Voleurz

The air is starting to get crisp in Colorado, and while there are plenty of days of summer left, those of us who live to shred pow and carve lines are already getting antsy for the snowfall to come.  Summer's prime time to snap up last year's goods at fab prices, but if you're in the mood for some cool weather gear that's fresh and crisp as that mountain air, maybe its time to check out Voleurz.

This brand is for grown folk shredders who long ago shunned candy colors and oversized everything.  The mens' jackets feature tailored cuts and muted colors in graphic parterns. Of course Gatsby's favorite hoody is the Gonzo, featuring bold color blocks and a casual fit. For the ladies there are off the shoulder  and crop tops, sweater dresses, and tailored jackets that perfectly fit the mountain chica easy vibe and would look stylish anywhere from alongside the fire at a cozy cabin to out at slope side restaurant for cocktails.

Started  by two former lifties from Blackcomb (Darren Rayner and Bruce Giovando, later joined by director of clothing operations Harvey Li), The brand is purely inspired by the mountain lifestyle and is meant to shred.  It has grown into a collective effort the fellas prefer to call a family.  Shredder family members  know that if you're not into mountain biking (or even if you are), there comes a time each summer when you start to yearn for the fluffy stuff.  So if you're really itching for some plank action, you can check out the "Teaser to the Teaser" to Voleurz's upcoming release Kill Your Boredom  on the brands site.  There's plenty of bros, but no snow in this clip though.  The  actual teaser premies today at the Longhorn Saloon in Whistler BC, and  you can peep it  online starting on August 20th at Voleurz site.

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