Friday, August 17, 2012

The Mac Garage - Denver's hub for Apples

You can find this gem in the heart of the Tennyson district in Berkeley {Denver, CO}. We were introduced to The Mac Garage because we had a computer that needed some love. If you live in know everyone has an Apple product. It's like San Fran's "hand me down" that regard. The Mac Garage are the certified Apple mechanics, who also provide the training & consulting that Denver needs in this time of "digital business." We have about 50 Apple products with our entire staff....This place is the best thing for us since the Internet, seriously! They can take apart your iPhone and replace anything...They can install new Operating Systems and RAM....They are the people you need working on your "rig."

The Garage

They have a turntable to enjoy the sounds of vinyl while you wait. He tossed on Thievery Corp and "Dubber Side of the Moon" while I was there. Curtis has over a decade in IT management and also ran the IT department at St. Mary's school. This man is the IT you want for your POS, Computers, Network, and phones. We chatted for a while about the neighborhood, the locals, and the business. It's great to see people with passion doing what they love. Curtis also has a great grasp on art...which you can find on his walls and iPhone cases. Purely Gatsby with their art , for sure. They are the exclusive location for the "Colorado Flag case." You can check our Instagram for more on that.....

Best marketing material we've seen in a while.....their business card
When you have issues with your Apple products - iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Mac Book, Mac Book pro, iMac....any and all of them can be repaired, enhanced, and loved at the Garage. It's what they do...along with over seeing the IT and systems of the local businesses in the area. It might be time for you to embrace the Network of GG...we make sure our Fam is the right fit for the job. They have already worked on our you know their GGFam.

Does your phone look like this? You know where to take it now!
 iPhone 3GS Glass and LCD:  $70*
iPhone 4 Front Glass and LCD (AT&T and Verizon):  $120*
iPhone 4 Back Glass (AT&T and Verizon):  $40*
iPhone 4S Front Glass and LCD (AT&T and Verizon):  $130*
*prices don’t include tax on the parts

Curtis...the lead mechanic
Curtis describes it for us best:
"The idea behind The Mac Garage goes back to the days when you knew your mechanic by their first name. You didn’t feel rushed or ripped off, and you certainly didn’t feel like just a number walking through the door. Personal service was key, and you were always greeted with a smile and a handshake. Those days are back. Using a healthy mix of honesty, tenacity, and elbow grease, we provide you with solutions and not just band-aids.  Around here, when things break, we fix them."

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