Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Enterprise 50 Million Tree Pledge

The rent a car company that picks you up is picking up the tab for a huge reforestation project in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forest Service.  Five years into the project, and in the wake of this summer's devastating forest fires, it's time to take a look at this incredible display of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.

The Enteprise 50 Million Tree Pledge was announced in 2007, after the Arbor Day Foundation approached Enterprise about making a long term commitment to the environment.  In celebration of the company's 50th anniversary, they pledged to mark the milestone with a 50 year plan for reforestation.  Planting one million trees each year for the next 50 years, Enterprise's pledge celebrates the company's past and brightens all of our futures.

This move was historic, marking the largest gift ever made to the Arbor Day Foundation.  The Foundation puts the pledge into perspective by explaining that 50 million trees is the equivalent of "planting a new Central Park [25,000 trees] every 10 days for the next 50 years" 

In face of the devasting wildfires that ravaged Colorado this summer, and continue to burn across the country (there are 64 fires burning in 10 states at present) this effort is bound to have an impact on the significant reforestation needs of affected areas.  The collaboration brings together a private corporate citizen, a non-profit organization and the public agency charged with preserving our National Forests.  This kind of partnership is a model for cooperation and progress in social and environmental issues. This year it won the Project ICARUS sustainability Gold Medal, which recognizes travel industry businesses that are incorporating sustainability into their business models.

Each year the Arbor Day Foundation seeks out local reforestation programs and links them with Enterprise's funding.  While trees are planted yearly throughout the US and Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is likely that many of this year's trees will be placed in the Western United States in response to the damage wrecked by this summer's fires. Enterprise spent $6 Million on commercial spots to air during this summer's Olympic Games.  The spot (see below) explains the mission of the pledge and brands it as the company's way of saying thanks to its customers (and the global community) for 50 years of business.

Take a Note from Enterprise and Get Involved with Reforestation Efforts by Linking up with GROW (Great Reforestation Organizations of Worth)

Let's Rebuild Colorado!

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