Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skylab 2012 - Denver - Sept. 22

This year's SKYLAB is on Saturday, September 22 at the Denver Coliseum, and will feature Porter Robinson, Gareth Emery, Zedd, Andy C, Downlink, Borgore, Armanni Reign, Dragon, Ecotek, Jontron, Fury, Trajikk, Kevin Alves and more.

We will have our photographers and writers there for this awesome event. Make sure to grab your ticket now so you don't have to wait around. Mission Control is issuing new "mission outlines" as we speak. The most current one is attached below so you can "catch up" to where we are now...It's about time for LAUNCH!!!!!!

Sent in from Mission Control:
"Starting 18 years ago, we have explored many strange new worlds and charted unexplained phenomenon on our Skylab missions. We have lunched to the outer limits of our universe and found adventure amidst the sparkling stars of our galaxy. Skylab 2012 is getting ready to launch and this time we are traveling into uncharted territory. We are preparing to venture into unexplored and found by darkness, overcome by a blackout.

But this blackout is not a desert void of life. Beneath the darkness, we encounter new creatures that bear a resemblance to creatures from the light. This is a mission we must embark on as one, prepared for the unexpected. 

It is time to embrace the darkness.
It is time for Mission BlackOut."

Check out the official trailer here:

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