Saturday, August 4, 2012

SNEAKS - Denver's new shoe boutique

      Ladies and gentlemen if you are in the mood to see the latest and freshest gear from head to toe then take a nice leisurely stroll down to SNEAKS in Denver, CO. SNEAKS is your one stop local sneaker and clothing boutique offering a myriad of brands ranging from The Hundreds to Nike to Vans and all the fresh in between. Since 400 there hasn't been a dedicated sneaker and clothing boutique in the Denver Metro scene until SNEAKS. Currently offering the latest releases from Nike (The Memphis Blues!!!), Adidas, Saucony, and more. Gotta go checkout the spot especially if you are a high school student shopping for the freshest back to school gear. Stop by and checkout the sponsorship for those of you who like to do your schoolwork while looking fresh!! It's an incentive for the real OG's!

       When you walk into SNEAKS you feel like your entering a living room. I was greeted by the owner himself, Marlo. He genuinely asked me how I was doing..that alone made me feel at home. These days I find when I walk into certain stores its all about the sale. When you walk into SNEAKS its all about the atmosphere. You can walk the sparkly clean wood floors as your serotonin starts to rise as you see the gear he has in store for you true sneakerheads. Or you can sit down in the comfy leather chairs and play xbox while talking kicks and clothes. Its a win/win situation anyway you look at it! See ya'll Grimey Freaks at SNEAKS!

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