Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thievery Corporation - Red Rocks - August 10th

Thievery Corporation
We had the beloved task of catching Thievery Corporation at Red Rocks on Friday (August 10th). They did what they always do -- TORE DOWN THE ROCKS!!!! Afrolicious kicked off the night with the soothing ital sounds and passed the mic to Beats Antique. We just recently covered Beats Antique for Wanderlust at Copper Mtn. It's always great to see the GGFam doing big things and spreading the Grime.

The Thieves during sound check..

Beats Antique brings out energy in all crowds and that was a great sight to see before the Corporation took stage. The twirling dancers and the psychedelic mood of Red Rocks was being raised by the aura of the evening. Thievery Corporation came on stage and the eruption of positivity and sound came together. Their songs cover the globe. Their travels and tours do the same....These musicians are traveling gypsies with a brutal sense of cause. They are 


Jeff Franca aka Congo Sanchez is the drummer of Thievery....and his view
is priceless.....

Big Thanks to Jeff France (aka Congo Sanchez), the drummer for Thievery that set aside the passes for us!!!! Check out the sound of Congo Sanchez. We were able to use some photos from the band and Beats Antique in this feature. You should never miss a show that will make you smile for the rest of the week.

Courtesy of Beats Antique

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