Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reggae on the Rocks - The ITAL Power of Colorado

Another weekend of reggae, positivity, and Rasta came through Red Rocks and we were there to take it all in. The day kicked off early with a meet & greet for the fans. People were enjoying the parking lots, frisbees, reggae rythms, and sun when we pulled up. We were offered a refreshment before I could get out of my car :). You know it's going to be a great day of relaxation when Reggae on the Rocks is here!!

Reggae on the Rocks is something to attend next year!!!

We had some friends from there to show us around. Great group of music lovers and they also have the best products for your vaporizer needs. I watched them fix two on-site. Customer service and satisfaction aren't just for the public but the talent too. They took care of 3 of the acts that played backstage as well. Big Ups to for their continued support of music and great times. Also a big "Thank You" to for the passes to this event.

The Meditations kicked off the evening with a set that was soothing to start the day. They have been around for many many years and still rain down true Roots, Rock, Reggae whenever and where ever they take the stage. They made the trek from NYC in 30 hours to come enjoy the vibe with their fellow Rasta's.

Rebelution made the crowd smile....
Rebelution has been charging through the festivals, line ups, venues, and radio this year. Marley, their bassist, said it best, "I think it's all about creation. We create a sound to create an emotion. Reggae is about that positive creation and the movement of those emotions. It's a great feeling on stage to see the people 'receiving' your vibe." These guys love what they do and are proving it all over the country. Stated a few times as "the next Slightly Stoopid" around the backstage that day. The boys have a soothing sound on the issues of today and the positivity to make your problems wash away.

Steel Pulse was a great set to see!!!
 We were asked to come and "enjoy" the show and that turned into "being a part of the show." 

Amlak, Steel Pulse's Bassist, asked Hunt if he could "shoot the show" for him on his camera. I'm sure you know his answer....."Of course Bredren." Amlak is compiling video from his journeys for a piece called "What is Reggae Music to You?" We talked with people in the crowd, legendary artists, influencers, and industry heads about "Why Reggae Music is so Positive." Amlak was in the first row of people right after he's set to interview and enjoy the Red Rocks community. Gotta love how these bands "give back" to the people.

Steel Pulse brought the grooves. A favorite of ours was "No More Weapons" (which was featured on our Radio Show). David, Almak, Wayne, Donovan, and the rest of the group brought the LIVITY of the RASTA to life. Moving the crowd, dancing, and over all happiness is what you can see at any Steel Pulse show. Since the start of their career the problems of today have been their target. They are still enlightening the masses to the way of Jah Rastafari.

The Family, Steel Pulse, is always positive livity!!!

The "Original Mau Mau Kenya Rasta—Conquering Lion of JudahBurning Spear was the finishing touches on the cake. We saw him perform at the Bob Marley Festival in Miami earlier this year. He is the OG of the lion pride. His melodies and sound carry over decades of Unity, Rasta, and journeyman spirit. Seeing the crowd engulf his message and "talk to me" is a powerful interaction. The crowd chanted down Babylon with the maestro of Tafari. He showed the Aurora Shooting Victims respect with a moment of silence...followed by a large "JAAAAAAH Rastafari!!!!"

Burning Spear is legend.

After the show it was a family affair back stage. Marley, of Rebelution, was donning Amlak and the Steel Pulse crew in Hill Kid Clothing for their travels back to England. The Rasta's of Denver were all congregated around tables talking about the next festival, show, or event in their area. Everyone was elated to see Reggae on the Rocks become a succesful event. Seattle, New Mexico, California, Colorado, New York, and England were a few places that showed up for this extravaganza. 

The Rasta community is one of tradition and respect. It show's love to it's members and the public. From signing autographs to hugging children, the Rasta livity has never been stronger. "Unification for the future is what I&I believe will come. We are a strong pride and we have been walking Jah Earth since creation. We are all Rasta's on the just have to feel the heart function..." - Donald Maxell of The Meditations put it best......

Hunt, the author, & David Hinds of Steel Pulse - Unity!!!

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