Friday, August 17, 2012

"Friday's Grimey with Grimey Gatsby" on Callywood!!!!

Calleywood Radio to present
"Friday's Grime with Grimey Gatsby"

Coming this September we are please to bring you a new Radio show airing Friday's at 5pm-6pm. We will be covering independent music, news, fashion, and events from all over the globe. Also we will be giving our people more plays and exposure than they know what to do with.....We now have 3 hours of global radio time AIRING WEEKLY!!!

Check out their great backstage deals for the fans.

Calleywood Radio is the independent music community's place for plays, contest, and exposure to the masses. They are the place to find the "next" big act or to discover your next favorite band. Global presence and professional quality are the too big points that they bring to your band, group, DJ, or talent roster. You can upload music and get plays instantly with their shows. You can also host YOUR SHOW on their station. If you are interested please contact for more information about having a radio show. They give away tv's, ipads, and cash monthly and you can also win a music video and studio time if your an artist. How can that go wrong? Watch your NEW music video on YOUR new TV all for FREE!!!!

If you like music - TUNE IN!!! 
If you MAKE music then SUBMIT IT!!!!

Either way - stay tuned for more Grime & Gatsby every week on Friday for your daily commute...on your phone, computer, or tablet!!!!!...Hunt will be serving up the filthy fun for your FRIDAY!!!

You think your the next big thing?

Callywood's "Next Big Thing" contest allows the musicians to win a $5,000 music video budget and production, studio time for your track, and also will catapult your career into the spotlight. You can submit your video NOW to have a chance to win!!!!

Check out these happy winners from Callywood Radio!!!!

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