Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Fire Information

The fire is more than 30% contained at this time in Boulder CO. As of wednesday, it is estimated to be about a mile and a half from the city limits. All evacuation notices that were given on Tuesday have been lifted as of Wednesday night. However, some 30 or so residents have decided to evacuate in case of a sudden outbreak. No structures have been put in serious risk so far. Eldorado Canyon north of Boulder Canyon, and Walker Ranch are still closed as of last Wednesday night. Conditions were good on Wednesday, and are expected to be good today. The cause for this devastation is said to have been lightening.

 Heat and wind conditions caused extreme fire behavior in the Colorado Springs area. Fighters are working on containing the east and northeast side of the fire at Rampart Ridge Road. The cause is still under investigation at this moment. As of Wednesday night the fire had grown to 15,517 acres, and is a little more than 5% contained at this time Evacuations are still increasing daily. Interstate 25 is open through the area, but drivers exiting west at Woodmen Rd, Nevada/Rockrimmon, and Garden of the Gods Rd will be detoured. Also US 24 is closed between Crystola and the Teller/El Paso County line.

The Fort Collins fire, located in Roosevelt National Park is Colorado's largest and most concerning fire at this time. As of Wednesday night the fire had burned over 87,284 acres. Evacuations are still being added and lifted daily. Even though it is 75% contained, the western edge of the fire remains erratic. Putting large ranches in serious danger as it edges further into the Poudre Canyon. The total number of homes destroyed still remains at 257. Officials planned to open Highway 14 for residents only as far as Mishawaka as well as opening Stove Prairie Road as far as Buckhorn Road. Wednesday marked the 8th day of red flag warning consecutively. Lightening, winds and dry heat were expected throughout the night and into Today. 

Also there are another 10 smaller fires scattered throughout our state, including outside of Clifton/Grand Junction, three outside of Durango. A small one near Pikes National Forest, and another outside of Leadville. This summer's weather is a serious threat to our beautiful Mother Nature. We need to do our best to keep these fires from continuing.   

The Black Milk Low Down


What's new with BM? We've got the answer to that.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

INTERVIEW - The Right Now's

Hunt had a second to catch up with the band on the road. They keep it Gatsby all the time on stage but proved to be pretty grimey in the "green room" with Hunt. Enjoy some information and they are playing all over the US right now <----- get at their Facebook for more information. Enjoy their new video "He Used to Be"

How has the last year changed your view of "the road"?

Touring is constantly a learning process. When we started playing shows outside of Chicago four years ago, I think we were really just excited to be out of town even if the venue or market wasn't ideal.

When do you do the best writing?

I write in the mornings after coffee.

What is your favorite Venue to play?

It's hard to choose, but I think Lincoln Hall in Chicago is my favorite. The sound is just about perfect in that room.

What is your favorite city for food on the road?

Another tough question. Memphis BBQ is my favorite, especially the the Bar-B-Q shop on Madison.

Best Collaboration in 2011, and 2012?

We went to LA in August 2011 to record our second record, Gets Over You, with Sergio Rios with Orgone. Working in that tiny space with Sergio was an incredible experience. We knocked the whole record out in under a week, working 14 hour days in the intense California heat. In 2012 we've been able to share the stage with DeRobert Adams (from DeRobert & The Half-Truths) several times. He sings on a few songs on the record ("Should've Told Me" and "He Used To Be") and he's been kind enough to get up on stage with Stef during our set. Dee is one of my favorite singers, period, and it's great to hear him riff with Stef.

Musical Influences?

I think my love of music comes from my dad. Every Saturday morning was "Breakfast with The Beatles" in our house. He passed on his love of strong singers and melody to me, so that's my starting place for everything I write (and probably why I looked for a singer like Stef). The music I draw from to inspire me to write for TRN is soul in all its forms: from Stax & Motown to contemporary artists like Alicia Keys and Raphael Saadiq.

Writing Influences?

Aside from the classic writers of years past I think there are so many good songwriters around today. I've loved Joe Pug's songwriting since his first EP came out a few years ago. Kelly Finnigan of Monophonics inspires me to write great soul songs that aren't about love gone wrong.

Most Grimey thing done on the road?

Jonny Hats, our bari sax player, is definitely the king of disgusting road food. He once bought a bag of fried dough that came with marinara & cheese sauce. I think it marinated in the van for a day or two and he was still eating it. Now that is grimey!

Largest crowd played in 2012?

We played the XRT sponsored Hop Juice Festival in June with The Jayhawks. There was a great crowd there and we had a blast!

4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?

Donny Hathaway, Al Jackson Jr, Duck Dunn, & Steve Cropper

Colorado Forest Fires

As of right now (3:40 pm MST) we have 13 fires. Boulder was just announced and evacuations have begun. We have 13 fires in a state that isn't that large for an onslaught of winds each night and the blazing heat (yesterday Austin, TX and Denver, CO had the same temp. - the difference is that Denver is a MILE closer to the sun). We are asking for you to pray, spread awareness, spread the grime, give people a call to make sure they are okay, help with evacuations, and anything else you can do to help. We will need TREES to be planted after these fires are put out.

We were also notified that Flagstaff, AZ is also working against a large fire.

This is something we need to stop, contain, and educate. We are losing our nature right now!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012 - Land Cruiser Camping Top

Camping/Sleeping/Cargo Pop-Up Topper

Aspen Mt. with a view
I had the privilege to catch up with a close friend, Eric Lippincott. I've skied with him, helped with fabrics, chatted on bike trails, and now have the chance to introduce you to his new product - CAMPTEQ

He has been on the road the past 3 months putting it to the test. Sleeping off highways, at expositions, in the desert, in the city, in the mountains. All of these pictures are from the past 3 months of his adventure. He took the Overlanding Expo in California by storm. He is working on some new aspects for the next pop up topper he will unveil. And he is truly a journeyman. He is traveling to meet clients in his rig, studying the new diesel engines, and veggie oil conversion kits. He has custom fabrics, new features, and some great events in the future sights. We caught up in Denver before he headed home to Aspen for some more camping and testing. "Everyone wants to least I know I do. We don't get lavish vacations but I can think we can drive a veggie rig for 1,000,000 miles and be better for the environment, our budgets, and our lifestyles. Really it all comes down to enjoying the time you have. If you don't have that much time for fun...then you need to make the most of it. Campteq is the answer to living on the go, traveling to new places, taking your hobby to new limits, and enjoy the time you have with those around you."

If you want information contact Eric for more. Tell him you saw it on Grimey Gatsby. And if you see the "rig" on the road. Snap a pic for us and send it in. For the Gatsby vacations or Grimey road trips this product is something you must have. You can sleep in it, store your stuff on top, and take it off if you need. Most people are cutting off the roof to have an "overlander suite" that allows for standing, sleeping, and better overall use of the "RIG." 

Campteq in Berkley, CA

The Details:
  • Removable pop top conversion for 80 Series Land Cruisers (91-97)
  • Accessible through factory sunroof, aftermarket rear sunroof, roof cut away, and from the exterior of the tent.
  • 4 solid rain gutter mounting clamps mounts the hinge top to the well over built Toyota Land Cruiser chassis
  • Designed to be a low profile camper option with little to no extra wind drag, Lighter, larger roof loads like longboards keep a low appearance to help with drag.
  • Comparable fuel economy with Westfalia 2wd, Syncro, and 2wd Sportsmobiles with much higher offroad capabilities
  • Upper bed has similar dimensions to a Westfalia bed
  • Designed and constructed in Colorado using recyclable 1/8" Aluminum in a solar powered facility by the most talented craftsman.
  • Living rubber hinges are tested to 50,000 flexes and provide a weather tight front hinge
  • Estimated material weight of less than 120lbs without cushions
  • Outdura fabric on walls and cushions are soft to the touch and provide a mildew, rot and water resistant yet very quiet and comfortable sleeping area
  • Price tag: $6,000.00 USD

Desert Living like a King

Many options available:

  • Custom powder coating or color match paint finish
  • Custom Fabric colors and prints
  • Aircraft tie down tracks
  • Solar panels and both internal and external lighting has one for their "road show"

An evening with Mt. Sopris

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rip n Dip

 These guys have recently hit the scene and keep you looking Gatsby while out on your Grime. Everything from snap backs, Tees, button downs, to iPhone cases they've got you laced up. You've seen them at the berries, and I've had the pleasure of meeting them at Woodward awhile back.True soldiers of the streets out on the grime in search of good times. All skeptics just watch and see... 

The summer has already begun to hit the heat and these killer button downs have a great fit and amazing prints and fabrics. Just the thing to keep your Gatsby look while running the Grimey streets. You know you want them and as always we're pleased to help you find your fashion needs. From Weezy, Tyler the Creator, to TK they've earned their stripes. If you see these guys in your neck of the hood give them a shout and see what they're getting into, it's bound to be a great adventure!

The MAN files - Cigar Selection

The proper way to select a cigar

1) Know your tobacco - most elites will concur the Caribbeans grow the best
2) Top Notch Filler - make sure that it will not fall apart in your mouth.
3) Wrapper touch - make sure the wrapper is oily, moist, and fresh
4) The Pinch - avoid a lumpy smoke...make sure the cigar is nice & bouncy
5) Type - are you a DeVito or a Schwarzenegger? Tall or short?

Once you have selected the sacrifice, snip it - light it - enjoy!!

Things Every Woman Should Know from Coco Gatsby

How to Fix A Fashion Emergency

Hair Spray - A little spritzed on the legs will keep any static from clinging. Dryer Sheets work too
Crazy Glue - for a snagged heel, broken earring, dysfunctional purse can all be saved
Stuck Zipper? - Rub a bar of soap or some candle wax over the sticky spot
Lint Roller --- A Must.....

How to Flirt

Dress well, Make eye contact, communicate, be yourself, be unique, be funny, be interested, and most of YOU


Tissues for allergies, Lotion for the sunny times, Advil (for you know what), Cell phone charger, mints, sunglasses, lighter, rolling papers (optional), notepad, pen, business cards, mirror, make up, snack, and a great attitude

Stress Relief

Working out, Staying in for an evening, reading a book, watching a movie, cooking a meal, talking to an old friend, yoga, change your diet, breathing techniques, walking the dog, playing with your cat, hiking, arts & crafts, volunteer......any of them work but the most important part is YOU

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Summer of Gatsby - Note from the Editor

This summer we decided to make some "moves." From Aspen to Denver, from digital media to "mainstream avenues", from small town to big city, from site 2.0 to site 3.0, from mountain to concrete, from site to site/store/network, and still building daily from the audience to our clients to our own side projects. I want to thank all of you for that. Every day we crunch date, watch trends, spot new features, read messages/comments/twits/tags/pics, and keep you at the front of our work. Daily, we make sure it's something that you WANT or NEED to see. And right now, we have one of the highest "returns on involvement" in the "digital information arena." We are anthropologists of the underground, we are the geeks that study cool, hip, and smart every hour of the day (sun up to moon set - we be balling).

"We, Grimey Gatsby, captivate our dedicated audience with radically current and exhaustingly comprehensive music, fashion, and trending news.  Our network of partners, followers, and family members continually enriches society's cohesiveness." 

We have large non-profit clients on the radar for some very enriching events for society and our audience. We have great new concerts coming from the Marley Family and some other names that are 100% "what's next" in the movement of live sound. We have radio shows coming in Denver and will be featuring our cutting edge information, music, fashion, and events on the INTERNET for EVERYONE TO SEE when you are spending those morning hours "combing" your sources for the news, noise, and neat of today. It's impressive to me just be able to write these things.

Our new website will feature our city pages, as always, but will have a client "social network" that is private for interaction, consulting, and connectivity before "revealing" information to the audience. Our web store is beefing up, finding bugs, and loading digital shelves with products, fashion, music, art, and private collections from all over the world. It is amazing to see these brands/clients/artists come together. Some are even talking "Grimey Gatsby Exclusive" so the audience gets to largest benefit. Music remix contests, concerts, coverage, and interviews are piling up for the summer and fall - so our calendar is looking stacked. So many things with this new website that will take a while to build and launch for the next 3 months. It's the best thing I've done to pair with this company for the future. I learn new aspects of business daily with their staff & information. I feel like I have an army of tech warriors to destroy anything I try to set in their way. That paired with our global staff makes it a great feeling to sleep for the 4-6 hours that I get. 

Our clients are experiencing something that is completely unique, thoroughly researched, and street worthy for their brands, marketing, street info, and future development in today's world of "instabiz". That brings me to the next issue...."Instabiz" this term is used in the industry to describe the population (your audience) that is, "hungry for information and savvy on where, how, and why to use it." We live in this world; from the mornings at 7am in New York to discover the current news to 9pm in California  to hear the Hollyweird story that is going to blow up. We are current, steeped in society's nuances, and continually working on finding "what you need" to become "what you want" in your mission, goals, and brand standard. 

It's simple: 
(old business networking + new business media = your success & longevity) = GG

Overall, we inform the public. That is our mission. To find, expose, and enhance the brands, lifestyles, and music of tomorrow's entertainment. We also make it a point to include those that are clients, content contributors, and GGFam (#GGFam).  Our network of brands and clients enrich what we do and we enhance their bottom line, audience, programming, and branding in doing so. It's win/win to the fullest. It's business but it's connectivity, information, and embrace of your goals and our mission statement. 

We have already grown past our goal for this summer. We have a larger staff, interns, mainstream media, web site, and web store coming.......we also have a great audience that knows we listen, we care, and we are here for anything you need. So before the 1st year hits and we keep serving up the grime....THANK YOU - We are going to keep that growth but also fine tune what we have. It's how you will be most satisfied, that I do know.

It means more than you know to be able to find dogs a new homes, introduce people I've never met in places that I have never been, to watch your brand grow and help to guide it, to hear your song before you send it out, to write the recommendation for your booking, to be involved with your event, to find you a clothing sponsor, to get your company profitable, and for anything I can't remember to write in this piece. Thank will continue, it will grow, it will be ready when you are.

Enjoy the summer.
Get out to a new concert, a fashion show, a skate park opening, work harder on getting that gig you want, stop focusing on the "whys" and start making the "hell yeahs" happen. Toss up a pic, send us an email, drop us a line about what you know encompasses GG - We will listen, I promise.

Spread the Grime & Keep it Gatsby,
For all your needs

Don't forget -----> "Hug A Hater"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

He taught you how to tie your shoes, ride your bike, fix your car and just around the corner is the day to show him the much needed gratitude he deserves. Our friends at ALLSAINTS have already done most of the work for you. This exclusive to Father's Day features leather shoes, Casual blazers, cashmere pullovers, essential jersey, and an amazing range of accessories.  Shop through these inspirational tokens of your thanks. Grab a gift card and leave the decisions up to the man himself.

It only comes once a year, and I'm sure we all give our thanks for the years lessons learned by our fathers daily. But any of these exclusive items from ALLSAINTS  is sure to truly make up for any of those days you may have missed. Through all of the Grimey he's taught you to stay Gatsby; now lace him up with some of these unique handpicked essential gifts. Above all have a very Gatsby Father's Days!

Bass Invasion - Sub.Mission's coming with the big guns!!!

It's that time! Early bird tickets are selling now, So get your worms! Dual day passes are only $30. Sub.Mission and Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom are at it again! "Moving people through sound" August 10th through August 12th your ears will be lifted with bass. Keeping their usual reputation alive you know things are going to be more than proper!

This 3 day event is filled with various vendors from all your favorite hot spots including food, beer, clothing, art, and much more. They already have artists D Bridge, Truth, Jack Sparrow, OM Unit, Sinjin Hawke, and Supreme. Plus many more are to be announced. So schedule your grimey time for Aug. 10th-12th and don't forget that early birds get worms and you know with Sub.Mission and the Masterpiece Ballroom there are a lot of hungry birds out there!

Tylie Malibu- Making Waves Across The Country

Tylie Malibu, a clothing, bags and jewelry company out of LA, is going strong this year to mark their 10th anniversary. 

Killing it from every angle, with their handcrafted accessories inspired by a perfect balance of urban fashion and earthy aesthetics, while a worldly variety of leathers, textiles and prints. Obviously any woman with a Gatsby sense of style would be attracted to Lisa Popps products. 

For your summer steeze like tank tops and bags, shoes and 
jewelry, and anything else you'd like to have for those warm days and cool nights, make a bag and check out at Tylie Malibu's online shop.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zummies Couch Tour- Denver

June 9th Broomfield, Colorado was a scorcher outside and Zumiez Couch Tour event was the place to be. Vendor tents from all the favorites including Neff, Oakley, Skull Candy, Zumiez, along side band merchandise tents from Daytrader and The Cab. The Zumiez team did an amazing job misting the crowds and spraying down some lobster faced young shredders. Spotted an amazing Rhino animal tee headed to the 711 Slurpee bus.

The Locals contest portion to the day started off with a bang! Hammers were dropped left and right. Local talent from your favorite shops and the unsponsored riders alike. The double set hand rail and hubba ledge seem to be consistent favorites. Hurricanes, kickflip fifties, and some solid crooked grinds were kept clean and abundant to name a few crowd favorites.

The day peaked with a blazing sun over head, but of coarse the Toy Machine team wasn't lagging to any extent. Bangers were thrown at every corner, it was impossible to keep up. Billy Marks, Leo Romero, Matt Bennett, Johnny Layton, Josh Harmony, Jordan Taylor, Collin Provost, and Daniel Lutheran all made it out to this stop and destroyed everything in sight. Layton and Harmony even stuck around to guest judge the best trick contest. You know with this many skateboarders there had to be a slot for signing and the lines backed up quick. Zumiez seized this opportunity with a bit of a product toss to the crowds awaiting their signatures. Hot and sweaty, we had to swing buy the 711 Slurpee bus before the concert kicked off with Daytrader followed by The Cab. Both bands really kept the bodies moving through the blazing rays still beaming down to finish off the days event.