Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thunder Valley National Race - RED BULL MOTO X

RedBull hooks it up VIP!!

The day starts with clouds hanging low over the entire sky. Although receiving the RedBull VIP pass draws the mind straight to your amazing destination for the race, its almost impossible to stay away from a visit at the surrounding tents from vendors like GoPro, Toyota, and Never Summer. GoPro was holding it down with displays of all the new camera attachments, and amazing footage from several flat screens showing the life captured. And Never Summer brought around a few of their local made snowboards, long boards, and even the beast of a NS car!

Hanging in the RedBull VIP was exactly what you’d imagine knowing their reputation for “doing it right!” DJ Low Key dropped some serious beatz from the amazing RedBull DJ truck-laced up with lights video games, and flat screens, on top of the already decked out DJ needs. Both bars were fully loaded and the beautiful RedBull Bartenders killed it keeping drinks in patron hands and even found time to take some photos for some little Gatsbys.

The over hang of clouds and lightening in the near distance caused for a late start time to the races, but when the flag finally dropped it was on! WMX final scores puts rider Jessica Patterson from Tallahassee, FL in the top spot. Coming into the race from previous defeats, but locking down this entire day with some great times on the track.

Rider James Stewart went down hard injuring his wrist-also keeping him from moto two. Go Pro footage shows a worker crossing his path seconds before the crash. Stewart kept it positive in an after accident interview exclaiming it was all a part of riding!

With over 450 final showings, RedBull rider Ryan Dungey finished in the 1st position. First overall win for Ryan. Starting the first race in 6th made 4 great passes in the first 3 laps, then finally passing Stewart after his crash leaving him the first place spot. Then Dungey wasn’t letting anyone pass with his final race in moto 2,  giving him his 1st place overall standings.



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