Friday, June 22, 2012 - Land Cruiser Camping Top

Camping/Sleeping/Cargo Pop-Up Topper

Aspen Mt. with a view
I had the privilege to catch up with a close friend, Eric Lippincott. I've skied with him, helped with fabrics, chatted on bike trails, and now have the chance to introduce you to his new product - CAMPTEQ

He has been on the road the past 3 months putting it to the test. Sleeping off highways, at expositions, in the desert, in the city, in the mountains. All of these pictures are from the past 3 months of his adventure. He took the Overlanding Expo in California by storm. He is working on some new aspects for the next pop up topper he will unveil. And he is truly a journeyman. He is traveling to meet clients in his rig, studying the new diesel engines, and veggie oil conversion kits. He has custom fabrics, new features, and some great events in the future sights. We caught up in Denver before he headed home to Aspen for some more camping and testing. "Everyone wants to least I know I do. We don't get lavish vacations but I can think we can drive a veggie rig for 1,000,000 miles and be better for the environment, our budgets, and our lifestyles. Really it all comes down to enjoying the time you have. If you don't have that much time for fun...then you need to make the most of it. Campteq is the answer to living on the go, traveling to new places, taking your hobby to new limits, and enjoy the time you have with those around you."

If you want information contact Eric for more. Tell him you saw it on Grimey Gatsby. And if you see the "rig" on the road. Snap a pic for us and send it in. For the Gatsby vacations or Grimey road trips this product is something you must have. You can sleep in it, store your stuff on top, and take it off if you need. Most people are cutting off the roof to have an "overlander suite" that allows for standing, sleeping, and better overall use of the "RIG." 

Campteq in Berkley, CA

The Details:
  • Removable pop top conversion for 80 Series Land Cruisers (91-97)
  • Accessible through factory sunroof, aftermarket rear sunroof, roof cut away, and from the exterior of the tent.
  • 4 solid rain gutter mounting clamps mounts the hinge top to the well over built Toyota Land Cruiser chassis
  • Designed to be a low profile camper option with little to no extra wind drag, Lighter, larger roof loads like longboards keep a low appearance to help with drag.
  • Comparable fuel economy with Westfalia 2wd, Syncro, and 2wd Sportsmobiles with much higher offroad capabilities
  • Upper bed has similar dimensions to a Westfalia bed
  • Designed and constructed in Colorado using recyclable 1/8" Aluminum in a solar powered facility by the most talented craftsman.
  • Living rubber hinges are tested to 50,000 flexes and provide a weather tight front hinge
  • Estimated material weight of less than 120lbs without cushions
  • Outdura fabric on walls and cushions are soft to the touch and provide a mildew, rot and water resistant yet very quiet and comfortable sleeping area
  • Price tag: $6,000.00 USD

Desert Living like a King

Many options available:

  • Custom powder coating or color match paint finish
  • Custom Fabric colors and prints
  • Aircraft tie down tracks
  • Solar panels and both internal and external lighting has one for their "road show"

An evening with Mt. Sopris

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