Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Fire Information

The fire is more than 30% contained at this time in Boulder CO. As of wednesday, it is estimated to be about a mile and a half from the city limits. All evacuation notices that were given on Tuesday have been lifted as of Wednesday night. However, some 30 or so residents have decided to evacuate in case of a sudden outbreak. No structures have been put in serious risk so far. Eldorado Canyon north of Boulder Canyon, and Walker Ranch are still closed as of last Wednesday night. Conditions were good on Wednesday, and are expected to be good today. The cause for this devastation is said to have been lightening.

 Heat and wind conditions caused extreme fire behavior in the Colorado Springs area. Fighters are working on containing the east and northeast side of the fire at Rampart Ridge Road. The cause is still under investigation at this moment. As of Wednesday night the fire had grown to 15,517 acres, and is a little more than 5% contained at this time Evacuations are still increasing daily. Interstate 25 is open through the area, but drivers exiting west at Woodmen Rd, Nevada/Rockrimmon, and Garden of the Gods Rd will be detoured. Also US 24 is closed between Crystola and the Teller/El Paso County line.

The Fort Collins fire, located in Roosevelt National Park is Colorado's largest and most concerning fire at this time. As of Wednesday night the fire had burned over 87,284 acres. Evacuations are still being added and lifted daily. Even though it is 75% contained, the western edge of the fire remains erratic. Putting large ranches in serious danger as it edges further into the Poudre Canyon. The total number of homes destroyed still remains at 257. Officials planned to open Highway 14 for residents only as far as Mishawaka as well as opening Stove Prairie Road as far as Buckhorn Road. Wednesday marked the 8th day of red flag warning consecutively. Lightening, winds and dry heat were expected throughout the night and into Today. 

Also there are another 10 smaller fires scattered throughout our state, including outside of Clifton/Grand Junction, three outside of Durango. A small one near Pikes National Forest, and another outside of Leadville. This summer's weather is a serious threat to our beautiful Mother Nature. We need to do our best to keep these fires from continuing.   

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