Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPL - The traveling Portland Bass Thumper


Have you heard of him yet? Have you seen him yet? When you do....bring a bucket to collect yourself since you'll be in a puddle. He graces Denver with his sound often and recently we got to indulge on some heavy dubstep with the man himself. He and Coult 45 destroyed Denver at E Tuesday's for Sub.Mission this week.  This sound is straight outta Portland and hot from the Left Coast. Busting out windows near you soon.....

"combining elements of dubstep, neurocrunk, psychedelic, progressive, hip hop, house, techno and   drum and bass." 

-That's how he describes his sound 

"comprehensive, deep, & tasteful" would be our definition.

If you are looking for a party, a sea of people, a festival, or a car that will move and dance. This man is your DJ. His sound makes women freak, men geek, and dubheads skip to the beat. Catch his next show near you....and we promise that it will be Grimey as it gets!!

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