Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rip n Dip

 These guys have recently hit the scene and keep you looking Gatsby while out on your Grime. Everything from snap backs, Tees, button downs, to iPhone cases they've got you laced up. You've seen them at the berries, and I've had the pleasure of meeting them at Woodward awhile back.True soldiers of the streets out on the grime in search of good times. All skeptics just watch and see... 

The summer has already begun to hit the heat and these killer button downs have a great fit and amazing prints and fabrics. Just the thing to keep your Gatsby look while running the Grimey streets. You know you want them and as always we're pleased to help you find your fashion needs. From Weezy, Tyler the Creator, to TK they've earned their stripes. If you see these guys in your neck of the hood give them a shout and see what they're getting into, it's bound to be a great adventure!

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