Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zummies Couch Tour- Denver

June 9th Broomfield, Colorado was a scorcher outside and Zumiez Couch Tour event was the place to be. Vendor tents from all the favorites including Neff, Oakley, Skull Candy, Zumiez, along side band merchandise tents from Daytrader and The Cab. The Zumiez team did an amazing job misting the crowds and spraying down some lobster faced young shredders. Spotted an amazing Rhino animal tee headed to the 711 Slurpee bus.

The Locals contest portion to the day started off with a bang! Hammers were dropped left and right. Local talent from your favorite shops and the unsponsored riders alike. The double set hand rail and hubba ledge seem to be consistent favorites. Hurricanes, kickflip fifties, and some solid crooked grinds were kept clean and abundant to name a few crowd favorites.

The day peaked with a blazing sun over head, but of coarse the Toy Machine team wasn't lagging to any extent. Bangers were thrown at every corner, it was impossible to keep up. Billy Marks, Leo Romero, Matt Bennett, Johnny Layton, Josh Harmony, Jordan Taylor, Collin Provost, and Daniel Lutheran all made it out to this stop and destroyed everything in sight. Layton and Harmony even stuck around to guest judge the best trick contest. You know with this many skateboarders there had to be a slot for signing and the lines backed up quick. Zumiez seized this opportunity with a bit of a product toss to the crowds awaiting their signatures. Hot and sweaty, we had to swing buy the 711 Slurpee bus before the concert kicked off with Daytrader followed by The Cab. Both bands really kept the bodies moving through the blazing rays still beaming down to finish off the days event.

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