Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things Every Woman Should Know from Coco Gatsby

How to Fix A Fashion Emergency

Hair Spray - A little spritzed on the legs will keep any static from clinging. Dryer Sheets work too
Crazy Glue - for a snagged heel, broken earring, dysfunctional purse can all be saved
Stuck Zipper? - Rub a bar of soap or some candle wax over the sticky spot
Lint Roller --- A Must.....

How to Flirt

Dress well, Make eye contact, communicate, be yourself, be unique, be funny, be interested, and most of YOU


Tissues for allergies, Lotion for the sunny times, Advil (for you know what), Cell phone charger, mints, sunglasses, lighter, rolling papers (optional), notepad, pen, business cards, mirror, make up, snack, and a great attitude

Stress Relief

Working out, Staying in for an evening, reading a book, watching a movie, cooking a meal, talking to an old friend, yoga, change your diet, breathing techniques, walking the dog, playing with your cat, hiking, arts & crafts, volunteer......any of them work but the most important part is YOU

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