Monday, June 4, 2012

Aspen Dispensaries have been "shopped" - Secret Patients are everywhere!!!

We were sent this "patient experiences" from Aspen this week. We are always open for new information about the Dispensaries in your area. California, Colorado, and all LEGAL states please send in your information about what is happening in your local store. The patients love to know where to shop, and why they should. With all the advertisements, saturation, and changes in the industry....YOU HAVE TO STAY INFORMED. Make sure you know where you should shop....

Very friendly staff, if you are short a couple bucks they will help
you out.  Prices are phenomenal for Aspen. $30/eighth on all strains.
the medicine is very earthy, and you can tell that it is not over
fertilized like some MMCs

First time deal: 2g for 10$
Overall Rated: 8/10

High prices unfortunately. Staff is sometimes nice, if you get a good
one.  The medicine is quality here, but definitely not worth 50$ an

First time Deal: free cone
Overall Rated: 7/10
Low quality medicine, and extremely high prices.  The staff seemed
like they hated their jobs and wanted to leave.  Appeared that they
use automatic trimming machines on their buds, which removes a large
percentage of resin glands on the buds.

Overall Rated: 2/10first time deal: none

STASH - AABC location:
Very friendly staff here, the medicine here is grown with care and it
shows.  They do very good deals on bulk edibles, so if your buying any
edibles in the valley come here. Large selection of concentrates and

Overall Rated: 8/10

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  1. Silverpeak Apothecary is the best of the dispensaries that you have listed. Low prices for high quality dense buds. Cheapest hash and concentrates in the valley. And they are always throwing deals this way. Plus the house brand edibles are delicious and pack a serious punch.