Tuesday, June 26, 2012

INTERVIEW - The Right Now's

Hunt had a second to catch up with the band on the road. They keep it Gatsby all the time on stage but proved to be pretty grimey in the "green room" with Hunt. Enjoy some information and they are playing all over the US right now <----- get at their Facebook for more information. Enjoy their new video "He Used to Be"

How has the last year changed your view of "the road"?

Touring is constantly a learning process. When we started playing shows outside of Chicago four years ago, I think we were really just excited to be out of town even if the venue or market wasn't ideal.

When do you do the best writing?

I write in the mornings after coffee.

What is your favorite Venue to play?

It's hard to choose, but I think Lincoln Hall in Chicago is my favorite. The sound is just about perfect in that room.

What is your favorite city for food on the road?

Another tough question. Memphis BBQ is my favorite, especially the the Bar-B-Q shop on Madison.

Best Collaboration in 2011, and 2012?

We went to LA in August 2011 to record our second record, Gets Over You, with Sergio Rios with Orgone. Working in that tiny space with Sergio was an incredible experience. We knocked the whole record out in under a week, working 14 hour days in the intense California heat. In 2012 we've been able to share the stage with DeRobert Adams (from DeRobert & The Half-Truths) several times. He sings on a few songs on the record ("Should've Told Me" and "He Used To Be") and he's been kind enough to get up on stage with Stef during our set. Dee is one of my favorite singers, period, and it's great to hear him riff with Stef.

Musical Influences?

I think my love of music comes from my dad. Every Saturday morning was "Breakfast with The Beatles" in our house. He passed on his love of strong singers and melody to me, so that's my starting place for everything I write (and probably why I looked for a singer like Stef). The music I draw from to inspire me to write for TRN is soul in all its forms: from Stax & Motown to contemporary artists like Alicia Keys and Raphael Saadiq.

Writing Influences?

Aside from the classic writers of years past I think there are so many good songwriters around today. I've loved Joe Pug's songwriting since his first EP came out a few years ago. Kelly Finnigan of Monophonics inspires me to write great soul songs that aren't about love gone wrong.

Most Grimey thing done on the road?

Jonny Hats, our bari sax player, is definitely the king of disgusting road food. He once bought a bag of fried dough that came with marinara & cheese sauce. I think it marinated in the van for a day or two and he was still eating it. Now that is grimey!

Largest crowd played in 2012?

We played the XRT sponsored Hop Juice Festival in June with The Jayhawks. There was a great crowd there and we had a blast!

4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?

Donny Hathaway, Al Jackson Jr, Duck Dunn, & Steve Cropper

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