Friday, June 1, 2012

Toney Clemons - Fashion, Fresh, & Football

An interview with the newly drafted......

I had the chance to catch up with Toney Clemons. Here is my story about Toney:

I went to a fashion/concert in Boulder for the launch of ISVERA's fall line. It was a great show. Tons of kids, lots of laughter, and this tall cat that could dress. I spend my time at events finding "the grimey, the gatsby, and the grimey gatsby....." This kid was laughing, had a crowd around him, and wasn't taking anything too seriously. And just a side note, the cat wasn't drinking....alcohol that is. He could talk, listen, and was intelligent (which at 3am is easy to figure out). We had a chill chat on the clothes he was wearing, what style he liked to find, and I dropped him my card. Since then....Toney Clemons has been on the radar with our staff, our women audience, and our fashion. The kid has game on the field and off. Best thing I remember, "Aww man, thanks for liking my flava. I try to keep my threads fresh to death day in and day out." ---- That is how you stay Grimey Gatsby kids...take notes, watch for him on the Steelers roster, and never forget to check in on what he has popping and locking. 

Now, since He doesn't need much of an introduction as his lifestyle speaks for himself. Twitter is the best way to track him down and you can see his pictures all over Pittsburgh these days. The kid is back home for his dream as an NFL receiver. 

When did you first tell yourself "I'm gonna be a pro baller"?
I decided I was gonna be a pro player when I was 3 years old, I was in the hard playing football, throwing the ball to myself and told my mom, "Mom, one day I'm going to be a pro football player when I grow up."

How would you define your talents on the field?
I'd define them as unfinished; I have a high ceiling and high ability as to what I can potentially be; and have room to develop and polish. Which is a high compliment.

What are you looking forward to this season?
Competing and making the team: if I make the roster I'll be looking forward to making my name as a Steeler in my hometown.

What music do you listen to when working out?
Im a PA guy, so naturally I like Wiz Khalifa; Chevy Woods & Meek Mill, but I've been rocking to Nipsey Hussle & Ace Hood a lot recently during OTAs. 

What clothing do you keep in the closet for "freshness"?
Oh now we're speaking my subject, lol, I wear all types of designers, but you know I'm into BBC/Ice Cream, Obey, Mighty Healthy, Isvera, Wealth DryGoods, Caliber Heights & PhiriVon. All hot fashion.

Largest crowd you have played for?
The Big House baby, Michigan Stadium vs Penn State my freshman year.

Who should we be watching in the college ranks this year?
The Colorado Buffaloes as a whole, lots of young upcoming talent on that team. And Makiri Pugh a recent transfer who is poised to have a huge senior year wherever he goes.

Favorite Jordan?
All canvas 1's. I like the Playoff 13s as well & the quick strike Cav 4s too.

Your pre-game meal?
Spaghetti; fruit; and a few gatorades

What stores do you hit in Pittsburgh on the regular?
Timebomb, 412, Sneaker Villa, H&M, Social Status

Jumbe Phiri CEO of PhiriVon clothing, Mycaiah Clemons, Founder of Kids Kardio, Saleena Ranay, upcoming female Pittsburgh artist stay tuned for her at all times.

Are you part of the GGFam?
You know it, y'all show me too much love.

Words of advice for young receivers out there?
Study, study, study, know that playbook, be confident in your assignments, then go do what you've been doing your whole life, making plays.

Are you involved with anyone?
I am involved, my high school sweetheart has stuck with me through thick and thin, and we are working on building what we've established as teenagers, working on takin her off the market. Lolol 

Who were your mentors to get to where you are today?
My mother, My older brother Wes, cousin Steve Breaston, and my guardian Chris "Bonka" Morgan

What three things can you tell the kiddies today about "how to dress proper like an OG"?
Be original, don't do what you see everybody else doing, If you wanna develop "Presence & Class" and outgrow "Swagg" be you, find new ways to separate yourself and recreate what's casual, that's what the fashion greats do. 

What is is coming from Toney this summer we should be watching for?
More tweets, more Facebook posts, more Instagram pics, more exclusive outfits, more style tips, more honesty, & hopefully more headlines. Go Buffs!

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