Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colorado Forest Fires

As of right now (3:40 pm MST) we have 13 fires. Boulder was just announced and evacuations have begun. We have 13 fires in a state that isn't that large for an onslaught of winds each night and the blazing heat (yesterday Austin, TX and Denver, CO had the same temp. - the difference is that Denver is a MILE closer to the sun). We are asking for you to pray, spread awareness, spread the grime, give people a call to make sure they are okay, help with evacuations, and anything else you can do to help. We will need TREES to be planted after these fires are put out.

We were also notified that Flagstaff, AZ is also working against a large fire.

This is something we need to stop, contain, and educate. We are losing our nature right now!!!

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