Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DJ Naka G - Music - Aspen, X-Games, Gatsby, and Grimey

Naka G has been a master and disaster at his craft since 1995. Never sticking to one type of music, Naka believes in working the crowd with an open format. "I don't ever show up with a set..." Naka has said. "I just show up with an open mind, feel out the crowd and let the music do the rest." 

Naka is an accomplished resident DJ for the Summer and Winter X Games, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the Burton US Open Snowboard World Championships and the Burton Canadian Open, a resident of the former Jeep King of the Mountain/48STRAIGHT Tour and has also spun for many other action sport events including, The Ski Tour, Crankworx, The Aspen/Snowmass Open, Aspen/Snowmass Spring Jam and ThanksJibbing, KickAspen Big Air, FIS World Cup and The Red Bull SnoCross Big Air.

I imagine that his fingers get sore just typing out a resume like that. On top of all of this he is in Aspen spinning the weekends till the morning. I met Naka when I moved to Aspen years ago. I was working at spots he would play, would attend the events in town, and also hear about his lavish adventures to places to move crowds and crush beats for the mainstream. If you have watched any of the above things on TV or in person, you have heard Naka. He's the man behind the sound. He's the beat monster digging in the stacks to make sure you feel the right emotion while Travis Pastrano throws a flip, Shaun White wins the Gold, or the best night out in Aspen. He is genuine and warm hearted. He is steeped in music knowledge and history. But most of all, He is "in-tune" and current with the social scene. Always adapting and never satisfied Naka is making new sounds daily. 

Could you DJ for this crowd at X-games?

He has also started the night of for these memorable artist:
"DJ Z-Trip, Mixmaster Mike, Junkie XL, Swollen Members, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Steel Pulse, Method Man, The Roots, The Pharcyde, Ozomatli, Ice Cube, Blackalicious, The 2Live Crew, The Wailers, Stephen and Damian Marley, Naughty By Nature, Slightly Stoopid, The Hood Internet, Thievery Corporation, DJ Vice, DJ Logic, Pretty Lights, Guru and Jazzmattaz, Common, Nas, Grandmaster Flash, Santogold and Trevor Andrew, The Beatnuts, De La Soul, Faux Punk, Boombox, Rahzel and DJ JS1, Shiny Toy Guns, Trouble Andrew, Kid Koala, Team Canada DJs, Pitbull, and Remix Artist Collective"

What about playing from the Tower at Winter X Games?

He's more than just the DJ for Aspen. He's the person to keep an eye on for the next Gatsby event or Grimey party. He's usually there making it "the spot to be."
DJ Naka G keeping it popping!!!!

Stept Prod - Ski Films - Grimey rails and Gatbsy powder.....

Stept Prod (Fb) is bringing "Weight," their new film, to the masses. The trailer is up now and you can start to introduce yourself to Stept. Their story is great. Their lines are deep and their rails are "long to flat" as they say. Alex and Nick Martini started Stept in 2002 and have been destroying snow ever since. They have 8 full length films in their line-up. The grimiest and most Gatsby in urban settings. You can order "Weight" online now. Nick, a current student at CU, has been a main stay in the Freeskiing world with segments in TGR and Poor Boyz this year as well. 

The crew is taking "urban shred" to a new level. Huge rails from Boston and Chicago are featured in Weight and some of the most loved "pow harvesting." Big rails....tow-ins....shovels....first aid kit
You know the deal.

Keep your eyes on the Stept Crew this Premiere Season. I know they'll do well.
True grime on the Gatsby pow!!!!!

Check out Nicks ESPN feature on Weight.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Benny Gold - Brand - Keepin' it Gastby till Death.....

Benny Gold is a brand that was sent our way from Denver. Something from the "graphic artist turned brand master" file. The brand is all over the world and started with a simple "paper airplane" sticker that flooded San Fran. Motto: "Stay young till you die!"

They make fantastic T-s, button ups, hoodies, snap back hats, pants, and accessories (our favorite). Their skateboard's are on the tip of fresh. Their iphone cases are classy and sleek. Benny Gold was a hustling graphic design artist that was pushing some designs in the mainstream: Nike, Adidas, The Body Shop, and others that we see in malls everyday.

Busting buttons and with nothing to show, He started this brand and it is simple, pure, and street. The Love has been spread ever since. I have seen it on both coasts and in downtown Denver often. Also the music scene has embraced his lettering. Its a solid line for anyone you know on the fashion tip in your crew. 

Stay on the same page with Benny Gold
He's making Gatsby happen!!

The Rum Diaries - HST lives again.. - Movie

The Rum Diary

"From the mind of Hunter S. Thompson"

That is literally all I saw that captivated me. I love the movies, no doubt, but to have another film coming from the twisted thoughts of the Doctor. I'm in. I know Johnny Depp will do a great job in his performance. I know the woman will be wildly erotic and exotic. I know the storyline will be that of the Fear & Loathing and Campaign trail. It looks like a "must see."

Background & Plot:
'The story involves a journalist named Paul Kemp, who moves from New York to work for a major newspaper, The Daily News, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Set in the late 1950s, the novel encompasses a tangled love story of jealousy, treachery and violent alcoholic lust among the Americans who staff the newspaper.
Thompson himself traveled from New York to San Juan in 1960 to write for an ill-fated sports newspaper on the island. Thompson had unsuccessfully applied to work at the larger English-language daily called the San Juan Star while novelist William J. Kennedy was the editor. While in Puerto Rico, Thompson befriended many of the writers at the Star, providing the context for The Rum Diary's fictional storyline.'
Thompson on the beach in Puerto Rico

'Although Thompson was only 22 when he wrote the story, it deals extensively with a fear of “going over the hill” and growing old. The prominent characters are typical of Thompson's work; violent, maniacal and alcoholic, stumbling through life. It is written in a highly paced and rather exciting style, also typical of his work.
Thompson told PBS talk show host Charlie Rose  in 1999 that he had given up the novel because it had originally "bounced about seven times - I got the standard list of rejection letters - and I came back from South America and I got into the politics of the 60s and 70s, and it was a full time job." He then said that he revisited the book because "it's got a romantic notion...that and money.. and I was faced with the fact of having to dig out my 40-year old story...I can't change it, like, 'ye gods, this is me, this is the world I lived in' I approached it as a's a good story."
It is Thompson's second novel, preceded by the still-unpublished Prince Jellyfish.'

HST was the highest class of Grimey Gatsby!!!

MegaFauna - Denver - Artist's haven, hangout, and network

The store is a distinctive look, style, and feel. Self described as:
"A retrospective depiction of Denver Retail from a time when local merchants and artists sought to outfit the entire Mountain West with current, cosmopolitan tastes while keeping a strict sense of local production and needs."

Megafauna is a collection of art, clothing, artists, and events from the "in touch" social scene. Self promoted and publicly awaited, their events are great and have some cutting edge art and fashion. Their intent and mission is clear "local." Their workshops are great for the family, the female, and or the neighborhood. 

They feature artists and designers. Their pulse on the Denver scene is great for the avid art buyer or the person trying to start their own collection. It has many items for everyone to giggle, snarl, and engulf. I have a trip set up to see the location and enjoy an event this month. More to follow from the street of Megafauna.

Check out their calendar for the next event, workshop, or art show you want to see.

George Guest - class from beantown with Gatsby flare

I was looking for a new dapper bag for the Fall. My friends at Wander Lust suggested a line they just uncovered: George Guest (site). George Guest is the epitome of high end class. Their bags are rugged, lavish, and stylish. They have a continuous color scheme that works with all seasons, shades, and styles. They have more than backpacks. They have more than just unrefined raw talent. They have the look of the Gatsby with the flare for the soft spoken.

Their bags are a hot pick up right now in NYC and LA. So be sure to keep on the mailing list and on the look out for the new "Guest." I have one in the mail for my travels this fall. Can't be Gatsby if you aren't in the front of the pack. Thanks to Wander Lust for a great find.

Always Gatsby

JazzAspen - Filth on the fore front......Music Festival

This year's line up for JazzAspen is a bit different than the past year's sound. First and foremost, the reason I am covering the event is FieVel & LOLO, Porter Robinson, Paper Diamonds, and Nit Grit. I'm sure I can say that there hasn't been DubStep at this event before. Maybe some one has thrown some light dub sound; there are now full sets of electronica rage for the bass heads, glow-stick gurlies, and pacifier punks. 

Peep the line up for this year:

Jazz Aspen

Friday is going to be a great day for main stream sound: Thievery and GirlTalk will move the crowd like Irene was suppose to move the east coast. Paper Diamond is a killer DJ with an unique sound for the BassHeads......

Saturday is a subtle sound for the bass enthusiast but has plenty for the audience of the past meetings. And NitGrit plays on Saturday which is a great set to see for anyone that loves life energy. Plus Steely Dan will bring the soothing sounds to Saturdays sunset. 

Sunday Franti (a local for this event), Zac Brown, and Fitz will all be great for the evening. FieVel & LOLO will be starting off the whoomp with two sets 1:15pm and 4:15pm. Porter Robinson may melt the mountian with the heat he has been throwing. He has been on EDC tour and also featured on Pandora, Soundcloud, and LA's house scene. The 19 year old can bring ruckus like the Wu-Tang.

This labor day will start the new look of Jazz Aspen. It has been rumored that the event is trying to turn into more of a Lalla, Coachella, Identity feel. Or at least that is what some would hope.....
The music of today that is filling venues, selling water bottles, drinks, and accessories aren't the sounds of 3 years ago. The Identity Festival proved that this summer with their incredible line-up: Datsik, Steve Aoki, LA Riots, Chemical Brothers.......SOLD OUT AROUND THE COUNTRY!!!

hope to see you there!
It'll be another event of fun, music, mountains, and dancing.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something for the Spliffs and the Pre-game........

Thursday nights have always been a time I think about my family. Times when you used to huddle around the TV after a dinner of laughs and stories. Once you grow a bit you start to take this "Thursday night wonder" to your crew. Talk about the weekend ahead; and the weekends that have passed. There's always something to do on a Thursday night right? Some may chill with a spliff and others may be "rage faced" in the corner somewhere. I always take time to enjoy the sounds that start off my "appetizer to the weekend." Thursday nights are for the crew, the fam, the baller's, the playa's, the mac's, and the hotties. 

Enjoy some videos for the roll up, the pre-game, the "intro" 
Keep it Gatsby for your evening! 

Cache Cache - Aspen Elegant Dining - Full of Gatsby

About Us
Chef Lanter in the kitchen. His home, office, and social environment in one.

In 1987, Cache Cache opened it's doors in Aspen, Colorado. Jodi Larner has been a partner since 1989. She brings class, elegance, and drive to this Aspen "Must See." Day in and Day out, Cache Cache is full to the brim with celebrities, locals, and tourists. Their bar is infectious and lavish. Their menu is filled with decadence from the Masters of Cuisine. The Crab is opulent, the Filet Mignon seems like its something of fantasy and their desserts can satisfy any sweet tooth at your table. Alex can determine the most masterful wine for the combination your table has devised. He has 100 pages to decide whats best. This alone has made Cache Cache a "must" for any wine connoisseur. Their staff is top notch and their presentation is nothing short of fantastic!

I met Jodi and Chef Lanter years ago, upon moving to Aspen. They welcomed me with open arms and have always seemed like an extended family in this town of extravagance. Chef and I have stayed close through the years of food, fun, and events. He is a truly unique and amazing soul. You can catch him meeting people on the floor or running the scene with Nate and Dave in the kitchen. When you walk down the stairs to their door you know you will be warmed, fed, and most of all satisfied beyond your every desire. The bar is always overflowing with people talking about events in town, their next movie, their new clothing line, the latest trip across the pacific, or their best ski line of the year. It's great for meeting friends, out of town company, or your next event. Their catering has been featured at some of the best events in town. Their clients for the private room span from Belly Up performers, to IDEA festival speakers, to your neighbors last Birthday party.

I can't comment on how many times I have taken someone to Cache Cache and they have called me when they got home to explain how the food just doesn't taste the same. Cache Cache can alter your whole perspective on things.

If your fancy is food. This is the spot. If your fancy is lavish. This is the spot. 

Cache Cache

More Gatsby than you can Imagine!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blends - Retailer - Downtown San Diego Sneaker Pimp Club

I was working as a talent/event promoter/ and planner in downtown SD when I walked into Blends many many years ago. I met Mark and have never stopped following him and the shop since. I was fortunate enough to be close to Blends and 5&ADime when working in East Village (now the hottest jump off in Downtown SD). And these cats have been keeping the streets down and the sneakers coming for ages. Their style is simple, concise, and straight forward. Shoes, shoes, collabo's, features items, and more many more shoes. Some place I can't ever pass up, not tell a friend, or now feature on the site. It's the stop for anyone that thinks they know shoes, has a collection, or is trying to start a collection.

I bought about 15 pairs of shoes from Mark at Blends just as gifts for the "sneaker inclined" homies in the midwest. And plenty of times have a dropped a kids jaw with the entrance into the spaceship of swoosh's, vans, and "hard to finds."

Their facebook page is touched daily by the crew and they keep their blog up-to-date. Blends is very close to the stoop and keep everything as real as a Jordan release line.

Homie, Mark, and Willy Santos kicking it at the shop
Another hot drop by the Blends crew.......always on the hottest tip
All Gatsby all the time!

Primitive Encino - Retailer - Like Bam Bam in the Flintstones........

Primitive Shoes was dropped on me by a close friend after a long discussion about sneakeralogy 101. We talked over J's, air max's, max 180's, shell toes, the pump's, ACG, timbo's, and flip-flops and socks. Finally we started pulling out the ace's in our pockets for the "closet of chill" that we had established. Being that my moms and lil bro live in Encino, I thought I had that place on lock and started in with HUF and Alife......My holmes dropped Bodega and Primitive first. I was like DAMN!!!!

So I did my homework like any true sneaker hustla. Can't be wandering on the block for new kicks and not know where to go. Can't be talking game and not know what is hot hot hot. Then I realized I had seen Primitive signature hat in LA so many times that I just had brushed it off. So I decided to do this feature to keep myself humble. 

They carry the brands I cover. They carry the threads I wear. They keep the streets I observe fresh to deaf. They keep your closet chill and current. They keep your feet comfy and steezed out. They keep your girl happy you 'know how to dress." And most of all, they keep it Gatsby.

Their store is top shelf. Clean and crisp, with daily freshness from the streets of the hustler. They keep the collabo's coming and they always have the release your looking for. You should follow them on twitter: PRIMITIVE_. They also have a killer site that is current and up-to-date. Their crew is as fly as it gets and their brand is rugged tough like the skateboarders of LA.

Holla at them, stop by the store, drop them a line, or just follow from afar
Either of those will make sure you stay PRIMITIVE!!!!

All Gatsby with a Dash of Grime for the streets

Video of Tuesday - DubStep King of the Hill

Some fun Dub for Tuesday

Monday, August 22, 2011

NUE Agency - Music - A talent agency for the artists today......

NUE Agency (pronouced New Agency) is a boutique talent agency out of New York City. A comprehensive agency that reps. up-&-comers to heavy hitters. See which artist is the one you feel the most. Pusha T just recently dropped a track with Tyler, the Creator that is hot hot. 

5&ADime is on THE #BASSMOB tour and killing it on every stop. And is still on tour. You can catch him live at any of the stops:

The #BassMob Tour

Their other artists are always great for the "add variety" on your Pandora and great for the DJ stacks of tunes (used to be "crates").  The White Pandas are a great listen for the high energy Dub kid and Ryan Leslie is an artist for any busy woman. Wale is keeping it GRIMEY daily with his flows and also one of their largest artist.  Their sound at NUE Agency is contemporary and pefect for today's music head. Also a great new line of lyrics, beats, and sounds for today's DJ. Always gotta keep it poppin' in the club. From tours, events, and artist to jazz, class, and grime - NUE agency is something 
to keep on the "front burner" of your grimey kitchen. 

If you need the sound for a show you should hit them up. They have something for every audience you want to hit and they bring it proper from NYC.

Grimey and Gatsby 

DirtMonkey - DubStep - Flavorful Bass with a side of Filth

Dirt Monkey is out of Boulder, Colorado. Patrick “Dirt Monkey” Megeath has been producing for nearly 10 years, starting with hip-hop and breaks before recently trying his hand at dubstep. With a keen ear for bass and a vast knowledge of music production, he has quickly exploded onto the scene with his innovative original productions and energetic stage presence.

 I've seen him all over the front range this summer and whoomped my rage face this past Saturday to one of his new singles from his new album. This past  Saturday was a birthday of a close friend - Coult 45. It was an unbelievable party at a parkour gym in Boulder, CO; and Pillow Fight was there to kill the scene. Dirt Monkey dropped a new hot track from the EP "Heavy Ammunition." It drops on August 29th (a Monday). Dirt Monkey is featured with Sub.Mission and many other DubStep shows in the Denver and Boulder area.

One of his tracks was featured at Coachella this year. His sound is true to the grime and blows back melted faces like dogs hanging out of car windows.

 You can check his site for the upcoming shows, stops, info, and more:

Producer & DJ Dirt Monkey is a sound and sight for the people of true grime and filth that enjoy beats, bass, and the original sound of the true "maker of mud" Dirt Monkey.

Here's an hour long podcast from Dirt Monkey:

Truely Grimey
Original Sound from a Maestro of Mayhem 

bobi - Women's Fashion - affordable, flirty and active w/ Kara's touch

I met Kara at my friends BBQ in Cardiff by the Sea, California (a little beach town in northern county). She was charming and well versed in the LA fashion scene. It was a splendid evening with Dave, Rain, and Kara. I still remember the burgundy pepper tri-tip that Dave so masterfully grilled. 

Beginning in 2006, Kara continued her fashion knowledge with "bobi." Her stunning fashion line. Her style is in touch with the pulse of LA and the brand has been featured all over the globe: "Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Bologna, Bordeaux, Cannes, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Oslo, Paris, Peking, Rome, Salzburg, San Diego, San Francisco, Shanghai, Toronto, Vienna, Zurich, among many others." 
- bobi (Fb)

Kara's mission:
"to reflect the beauty and imagination of women through impeccable fits."

The fabrics are fantastically soft. The look is elegant and comfortable. The colors are for today's in-tune woman of style. The skirts and dresses sashee' down the avenues of Hollywood daily.

Sophie Monk and Kara Lusardi (bobi designer)

Just a few celebrity fans of bobi:
"Nicole Richie, Sophie Monk, Ashlee Simpson, Mila Kunis, Audrina Patridge, Shenae Grimes, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Britney Sprears, Tara Wilson, Whitney Port, Brooke Burke, Carrie Underwood, Christian Serratos, Stephanie Pratt, and Miley Cyrus."

Contact info:  

You can follow here for the LA fashion pulse:

Have you seen any of the above celebrities?
Then I'm sure you've seen bobi.

flirty, comfortable, sexy, and for today's active woman

Malin Akerman in bobi, Women's Health Magazine March 2010

retro-fit tank

Friday, August 19, 2011

Touye Pwen - Episode 8 - Drug of Choice

"Drug of Choice"

Here is the latest episode from Touye Pwen. 
You can catch the last episode on August 23rd.

Guns & Crayons - Fashion - Mens street life in the Grimey world.....

Thomas and Keith started G&CM in 2010 in Phoenix, AZ. Their designs are gritty and street life. They bring great quality gear to the street people. Their women's tank top is a great summer/fall piece for any hood gurl you know. Also their hats are true "Compton Class," they have over-sized print styles that are "stepping correct" for any grimester on the corner.

Self described as:
"GUNS&CRAYONS is the master piece of two childhood friends who grew up around stick up kids. It's a secret society all we ask is trust. This is for all the people with their back against the wall. The ones who are forgotten in society. We are the rise of the lost."

Take a look at their style:

The Bullies
some classic bully style.......

not just a brand....a lifestyle!!!!

Something for the purest street kids in the game....from the slickest kids watching the game!!!

Philip Treacy - Fashion - Head pieces for the Lavish.......

Philip Treacy is well known for more than just hats. He makes outstanding purses, bags, and men hats. His women hats are legendary since Lady Gaga has been "donning" them on red carpets, shows, interviews, and fashion shows. Philip's touch is total extravagance. His head wear is lavish, dashing, and daring. It is simple grace with extraordinary flare.  SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) has been seen in many of Philip's creations for the red carpets she saunters. Numerous celebrities have grabbed a Treacy for their debut, weekend at Cans, or just traveling through the airport. The English royalty also has some Treacy in their closet.  

If you are lavishly living the life of Gatsby or you just love making loud statements. Philip Treacy is a designer for you.

A creation and himself Philip Treacy