Friday, August 19, 2011

Philip Treacy - Fashion - Head pieces for the Lavish.......

Philip Treacy is well known for more than just hats. He makes outstanding purses, bags, and men hats. His women hats are legendary since Lady Gaga has been "donning" them on red carpets, shows, interviews, and fashion shows. Philip's touch is total extravagance. His head wear is lavish, dashing, and daring. It is simple grace with extraordinary flare.  SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) has been seen in many of Philip's creations for the red carpets she saunters. Numerous celebrities have grabbed a Treacy for their debut, weekend at Cans, or just traveling through the airport. The English royalty also has some Treacy in their closet.  

If you are lavishly living the life of Gatsby or you just love making loud statements. Philip Treacy is a designer for you.

A creation and himself Philip Treacy

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