Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something for the Spliffs and the Pre-game........

Thursday nights have always been a time I think about my family. Times when you used to huddle around the TV after a dinner of laughs and stories. Once you grow a bit you start to take this "Thursday night wonder" to your crew. Talk about the weekend ahead; and the weekends that have passed. There's always something to do on a Thursday night right? Some may chill with a spliff and others may be "rage faced" in the corner somewhere. I always take time to enjoy the sounds that start off my "appetizer to the weekend." Thursday nights are for the crew, the fam, the baller's, the playa's, the mac's, and the hotties. 

Enjoy some videos for the roll up, the pre-game, the "intro" 
Keep it Gatsby for your evening! 

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