Monday, August 29, 2011

MegaFauna - Denver - Artist's haven, hangout, and network

The store is a distinctive look, style, and feel. Self described as:
"A retrospective depiction of Denver Retail from a time when local merchants and artists sought to outfit the entire Mountain West with current, cosmopolitan tastes while keeping a strict sense of local production and needs."

Megafauna is a collection of art, clothing, artists, and events from the "in touch" social scene. Self promoted and publicly awaited, their events are great and have some cutting edge art and fashion. Their intent and mission is clear "local." Their workshops are great for the family, the female, and or the neighborhood. 

They feature artists and designers. Their pulse on the Denver scene is great for the avid art buyer or the person trying to start their own collection. It has many items for everyone to giggle, snarl, and engulf. I have a trip set up to see the location and enjoy an event this month. More to follow from the street of Megafauna.

Check out their calendar for the next event, workshop, or art show you want to see.

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