Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blends - Retailer - Downtown San Diego Sneaker Pimp Club

I was working as a talent/event promoter/ and planner in downtown SD when I walked into Blends many many years ago. I met Mark and have never stopped following him and the shop since. I was fortunate enough to be close to Blends and 5&ADime when working in East Village (now the hottest jump off in Downtown SD). And these cats have been keeping the streets down and the sneakers coming for ages. Their style is simple, concise, and straight forward. Shoes, shoes, collabo's, features items, and more many more shoes. Some place I can't ever pass up, not tell a friend, or now feature on the site. It's the stop for anyone that thinks they know shoes, has a collection, or is trying to start a collection.

I bought about 15 pairs of shoes from Mark at Blends just as gifts for the "sneaker inclined" homies in the midwest. And plenty of times have a dropped a kids jaw with the entrance into the spaceship of swoosh's, vans, and "hard to finds."

Their facebook page is touched daily by the crew and they keep their blog up-to-date. Blends is very close to the stoop and keep everything as real as a Jordan release line.

Homie, Mark, and Willy Santos kicking it at the shop
Another hot drop by the Blends crew.......always on the hottest tip
All Gatsby all the time!

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