Monday, August 29, 2011

JazzAspen - Filth on the fore front......Music Festival

This year's line up for JazzAspen is a bit different than the past year's sound. First and foremost, the reason I am covering the event is FieVel & LOLO, Porter Robinson, Paper Diamonds, and Nit Grit. I'm sure I can say that there hasn't been DubStep at this event before. Maybe some one has thrown some light dub sound; there are now full sets of electronica rage for the bass heads, glow-stick gurlies, and pacifier punks. 

Peep the line up for this year:

Jazz Aspen

Friday is going to be a great day for main stream sound: Thievery and GirlTalk will move the crowd like Irene was suppose to move the east coast. Paper Diamond is a killer DJ with an unique sound for the BassHeads......

Saturday is a subtle sound for the bass enthusiast but has plenty for the audience of the past meetings. And NitGrit plays on Saturday which is a great set to see for anyone that loves life energy. Plus Steely Dan will bring the soothing sounds to Saturdays sunset. 

Sunday Franti (a local for this event), Zac Brown, and Fitz will all be great for the evening. FieVel & LOLO will be starting off the whoomp with two sets 1:15pm and 4:15pm. Porter Robinson may melt the mountian with the heat he has been throwing. He has been on EDC tour and also featured on Pandora, Soundcloud, and LA's house scene. The 19 year old can bring ruckus like the Wu-Tang.

This labor day will start the new look of Jazz Aspen. It has been rumored that the event is trying to turn into more of a Lalla, Coachella, Identity feel. Or at least that is what some would hope.....
The music of today that is filling venues, selling water bottles, drinks, and accessories aren't the sounds of 3 years ago. The Identity Festival proved that this summer with their incredible line-up: Datsik, Steve Aoki, LA Riots, Chemical Brothers.......SOLD OUT AROUND THE COUNTRY!!!

hope to see you there!
It'll be another event of fun, music, mountains, and dancing.

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