Monday, August 29, 2011

Benny Gold - Brand - Keepin' it Gastby till Death.....

Benny Gold is a brand that was sent our way from Denver. Something from the "graphic artist turned brand master" file. The brand is all over the world and started with a simple "paper airplane" sticker that flooded San Fran. Motto: "Stay young till you die!"

They make fantastic T-s, button ups, hoodies, snap back hats, pants, and accessories (our favorite). Their skateboard's are on the tip of fresh. Their iphone cases are classy and sleek. Benny Gold was a hustling graphic design artist that was pushing some designs in the mainstream: Nike, Adidas, The Body Shop, and others that we see in malls everyday.

Busting buttons and with nothing to show, He started this brand and it is simple, pure, and street. The Love has been spread ever since. I have seen it on both coasts and in downtown Denver often. Also the music scene has embraced his lettering. Its a solid line for anyone you know on the fashion tip in your crew. 

Stay on the same page with Benny Gold
He's making Gatsby happen!!

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