Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mountain Rave - Ajax - Dubstep - Ridiculous amounts of people and things........

The Secret Garden.....

I attended a DubStep throw down this past weekend on Ajax mountain in Aspen. It was a total surprise to see 80+ people up there all getting down to the atmosphere, music, people, and things walking around the event. THADEUS, Gryme Tyme, BigKid, and the didge's gave off resonating sounds to the valley. Roger That kicked off the party with some drum & bass that was ever so nice. It was a geodesic dome party - if you don't know.....find out!!!! Three large domes all combined together to give you a feeling of some desert camp on the mountain. The people were all over the camp as the music, fire, and lasers stirred up images, talks, and dancing.  The grimey DubStep was pumping through the event and people danced all the way to their tents and back and forth and upside down.

The ocean of motion was a great feeling of synergy and filth as the bass was dropped over and over and over again for the face melting crowd.  A dragon came through the party at one point to show the party how to get down.  I saw skeletons, Iron man, a wizard, a ninja, a farmer, ballerinas, Batman, and Pebbles from the Flintstones.....all getting down at the "backside whoomp off throw down."

The Hooligans of Dub
The party was large and flowing as people played in the dome full of hammocks or the dome full of inflatable beds, couches, and chairs. A massage table appeared from the darkness and gave many an attendee pleasure and vibration. There were people playing in the spotlights.......throwing their shadows up on trees like banshee's in the night. BigKid killed the end of the set and had people begging for ice cream cones. Then the instrumental tones played over the rising sun. The Elk Mtn. tribe got down with some tribal tunes and singing as others retreated to their tents like vampires on the ridge......

The Elk Mtn. tribe drum circle at sunrise

The Hooligans of Dub were all dressed up as was the Elk Mtn. Tribe. The large crew of people that were watching the sun start its travel for the day were in awe of the music, laughs, and ice cream. Craxle Rose brought up 5 gallons of cookie dough ice cream and Gryme Tyme brought up the cones. Ravers in the sunrise uniting for ice cream cones and self -expression.  There were photographs being snapped all night and all morning. People together sharing chicken noodle soup over the shotgun blasts in the distance. All solid visuals of a completely successful Rave. Aspen knows how to party.....no doubt!!

I was thoroughly satisfied with my decision and I cannot wait to hear when the Secret Garden will emerge again to boom, whoomp, and laser into the morning again.

Thank you to all that helped put this wonderful thing together. You showed a lot of people a very very good time!!!!!!!

The DubStep Dome

Dragon of Dub

Sunrise fire pit.......a successful party!!!

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