Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cache Cache - Aspen Elegant Dining - Full of Gatsby

About Us
Chef Lanter in the kitchen. His home, office, and social environment in one.

In 1987, Cache Cache opened it's doors in Aspen, Colorado. Jodi Larner has been a partner since 1989. She brings class, elegance, and drive to this Aspen "Must See." Day in and Day out, Cache Cache is full to the brim with celebrities, locals, and tourists. Their bar is infectious and lavish. Their menu is filled with decadence from the Masters of Cuisine. The Crab is opulent, the Filet Mignon seems like its something of fantasy and their desserts can satisfy any sweet tooth at your table. Alex can determine the most masterful wine for the combination your table has devised. He has 100 pages to decide whats best. This alone has made Cache Cache a "must" for any wine connoisseur. Their staff is top notch and their presentation is nothing short of fantastic!

I met Jodi and Chef Lanter years ago, upon moving to Aspen. They welcomed me with open arms and have always seemed like an extended family in this town of extravagance. Chef and I have stayed close through the years of food, fun, and events. He is a truly unique and amazing soul. You can catch him meeting people on the floor or running the scene with Nate and Dave in the kitchen. When you walk down the stairs to their door you know you will be warmed, fed, and most of all satisfied beyond your every desire. The bar is always overflowing with people talking about events in town, their next movie, their new clothing line, the latest trip across the pacific, or their best ski line of the year. It's great for meeting friends, out of town company, or your next event. Their catering has been featured at some of the best events in town. Their clients for the private room span from Belly Up performers, to IDEA festival speakers, to your neighbors last Birthday party.

I can't comment on how many times I have taken someone to Cache Cache and they have called me when they got home to explain how the food just doesn't taste the same. Cache Cache can alter your whole perspective on things.

If your fancy is food. This is the spot. If your fancy is lavish. This is the spot. 

Cache Cache

More Gatsby than you can Imagine!!!!

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