Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Primitive Encino - Retailer - Like Bam Bam in the Flintstones........

Primitive Shoes was dropped on me by a close friend after a long discussion about sneakeralogy 101. We talked over J's, air max's, max 180's, shell toes, the pump's, ACG, timbo's, and flip-flops and socks. Finally we started pulling out the ace's in our pockets for the "closet of chill" that we had established. Being that my moms and lil bro live in Encino, I thought I had that place on lock and started in with HUF and Alife......My holmes dropped Bodega and Primitive first. I was like DAMN!!!!

So I did my homework like any true sneaker hustla. Can't be wandering on the block for new kicks and not know where to go. Can't be talking game and not know what is hot hot hot. Then I realized I had seen Primitive signature hat in LA so many times that I just had brushed it off. So I decided to do this feature to keep myself humble. 

They carry the brands I cover. They carry the threads I wear. They keep the streets I observe fresh to deaf. They keep your closet chill and current. They keep your feet comfy and steezed out. They keep your girl happy you 'know how to dress." And most of all, they keep it Gatsby.

Their store is top shelf. Clean and crisp, with daily freshness from the streets of the hustler. They keep the collabo's coming and they always have the release your looking for. You should follow them on twitter: PRIMITIVE_. They also have a killer site that is current and up-to-date. Their crew is as fly as it gets and their brand is rugged tough like the skateboarders of LA.

Holla at them, stop by the store, drop them a line, or just follow from afar
Either of those will make sure you stay PRIMITIVE!!!!

All Gatsby with a Dash of Grime for the streets


  1. Bodega is legit! I'm liking this website...keep it comin