Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Grimey Art with Danielle Spradley

 I was able to catch back up with painter, print maker, paper maker Danielle Spradley. She is always on the Grime so I took the opportunity to get a few questions by her while I had the chance. Her work is very Gatsby and her message to clean up the Grimey streets around us is always top notch in the GG books! 

What do you feel brings out your best work?

I'm adhering to a pretty strict uh drug regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber. Really a bottle of wine a good soul record or dork ass online lecture and lots of cigarettes. 

Who are some of the most inspiring artist you have worked with?

 I'd have to say Jeremy Fish, Will Barras, and Ephameron would be at the top of the list.

We think it is very Gatsby that you make all your own paper for your work, How did you get into paper making?

I went to Memphis College of Art and took a paper making class and really got stoked on it. I honestly never thought I'd still be doing it but through some crazy luck my landlord/boss happens to be a well known paper maker. Hence I have a paper studio in my basement. Plus I hate painting on canvas. I don't like the texture. 

Your work shows a great deal of trash and litter, what do you think people should do to help the cause?

Man, first all people need to quit eating fast food. The majority of trash I see are fast food wrappers, bags, and soda bottles. I was just down in Louisiana on the Gulf because my boss Joan Hall's work is based in ocean trash and plastic. It's insane the amount of soda bottles wash up on the beach. It's foul. Also balloons, never let party balloons go people. That shit ends up in the ocean. It's kind of the chicken or the egg question, most of the trash I see is junk food waste because the people that eat that stuff don't give a fuck about their health so why would they care about their environment or do they not give a fuck because that stuff is so readily available and everybody eats it. Why would you care about disposing of something properly when you obtained it so easily. If you're not conscience of what toxic crap you put in your body you're not going to be conscience of what you put in yours and other people's surroundings.

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