Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dabba - Medicinal Chocolate - Product Review

The Dabba Mint Chocolate Bar

We had one of our patients on staff enjoy this chocolate bar recently and it was noted as "delightful, fulfilling, and satisfying." Seems that Dabba Chocolate is keeping that 1st place at the Cannabis Cup this year (before they even hit the MC's) locked up. They had a great marketing strategy and used the Denver HighTime Cup to unveil their product and show us how "effective" it was. We have been checking in on some new edibles from time to time.....Cheeba Chews new CBD addition and also some of the cake pops, otter pops, and ice cream. To name a few recent ones...

CAM is the place that we frequent most in Denver and they were the first place that we have spotted this great product. After our product review, we would encourage you to go see Anna and the gang and get your medicine, edibles, and other needs at CAM. Their selection is top shelf and their customer service is fantastic. We know first hand....

The future of medicine is here.....

Dabba Mint Chocolate Bar
Product Testing

Taste: 9/10
Effect: 8/10
"Weed Taste": 0/10
Type: Sativa 100mg
Test: 5 patients were given a piece (20mg) to ingest and then effects were noted at 5 mins intervals until  60 minutes had past.

All 5 patients felt an "effect."
All 5 patients rated taste as their favorite aspect.
All 5 patients finished the edible.
All 5 patients were able to return to their "normal day" after 60 minutes.

"The best surprise was the taste. It was great. I would eat it over some of the things at the gas station for sure....and it's medicated. So I am more than satisfied with Dabba. Might have to Dabba a little tonight." - Patient #5

"I would be able to use this for migraines and other issues I have from stress in the evenings without having to smoke. It's nice to have something that I can feel serves my needs." Patient #1

"I like the saliva aspect. It doesn't wear me down. It makes me focused and it works for my long days on the weekend." Patient #2

Their site is coming soon but their bars are available now!!! 

Dabba described by High Times:
"With clean and concise potency labeling and an easy-to-dose 40mg per segment serving size, this product was the favorite amongst all the Colorado judges. The mint flavor and cannabis work well together in the chocolate, and the cannabis leaf packaging makes it abundantly clear that medication is inside."


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to try our Dabba bar. A Dab will do ya! -Dabba Chocolate

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