Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gatsby Glass from around the scene

Hitman Glass
Coming with the finest in the business, Hitman Glass is making waves in every market. We see them in Miami, Denver, Aspen, San Fran, San Diego, and St. Louis...to name some. And everyone is happy with their glass. Chess Pieces is their book that came out recently and you can grab it. Peep Grassroot California for their collabo hat that is on the streets now. And make sure to grab a side car of straight tube when you can....if it's pulling a dab off your friend's.

Sheldon Black
Since 2010 we have been watching SB and his classy glass make it's way through the different demographics. It's German science grade glass with a touch of elegance for the patient. We have the ashtray and have been filling it up since the Denver High Times Cup when it was unveiled and we also enjoy his "series" that come with flavorful color and exquisite detail. Check one out sometime....

Ewok Glass
Our local favorite in Denver, his ninja touch on dabbers and graceful finishing touches give him a style all his own. He is always involved in the movement and was spotted all over the High Times Cup this year. He is someone to contact now before he explodes on the scene. We have a red handled katana glass dabber that is perfect for our grimey-ness.

Illuzion Glass
The place to see if you enjoy glass art and it's immense culture from around the nation. Their art is high class, top shelf, no joke....We swing through monthly to see "what's hot." They carry the legendary Cowboy and also feature other OG's of the glass underworld. If you want elegant and unique - Stop by and walk around.

The man, the myth, The COWBOY....Have you heard of bezel set bowls and custom colored rods? Then you need to start at grade 1 and work to this Master of Glass's level. He and his team have been turning heads, dreads, and zip locks since he put out his wares. You can swing by Illuzion and see his talent in person if your in Denver or Nebraska.

That's the word from the street....
Spread the Grime & Keep it Gatsby!!!

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