Friday, August 3, 2012

Steep Hill Lab - testing, evaluations, and commitment

We were introduced to Steep Hill through someone that is well versed in the Cannabis Industry and one of the center points of the movement...Jessica Demoura. She contacted our founder last year to speak about the "message" that Grimey Gatsby was spreading......and she wanted to contribute and aid in the advancement of our mission. We liked that....liked it so much that we have been in contact with Steep Hill ever since. They have been featured in some large publications:

Vice, Treating Yourself, National Geographic, High Times, & Rolling Stone

They are the forefront of the culture. From assisting the biggest MC's in California to their continuing education in Colorado, Steep Hill is pushing this industry forward and positively. They evaluate your medicine from flowers to edible to extracts....they can tell you the information you need to know. If you are a grower, MC, or patient - They are your best friend. Our founder, Hunt, has spent many hours on the phone covering botany, procedures for testing, and the creative design he is known for with Addison and their team. We were able to cover the Colorado Cannabis Cup with them this year:

One of the many ways to tell if your meds are SHL approved.

Self Described as:
"Steep Hill Lab, founded in 2008, is an independently owned and operated medical cannabis screening facility located in Oakland, California. To date, we have tested over 17,000 samples. Steep Hill Lab’s mission is to assure the quality of medical cannabis through scientific analysis while actively legitimizing the cannabis industry by implementing independent standards for quality control. We are America’s premier cannabis testing facility."

The most recent collabo from SHL.....

We follow their moves weekly in our offices from the rallies & raids of California to the Seed production in Amsterdam. Steep Hill Lab is there and in the "know." If you want to keep up with their news simply click here. If you don't know what services they provide you can inquire with them here. The staff at Steep Hill Labs lives by a "hands on" approach to their work. They participate in the rallies, the meetings, and the street presence for their clients. They spread information to the patients about what's happening in the Cannabis World. They are Grimey Gatsby to the fullest....

Here's the short list of their services:

The best way to know what your using...Steep Hill Lab. The best way to know what your selling your patients.....Steep Hill Lab. The best way to have the analytics you need to succeed....

Addison from the a Federal raid this past you can tell - He lives it!!!

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