Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aaron Hooper - Director - Givin Vids "TOO"

Givin Vids "TOO"

Hunt recently caught up with Aaron Hooper, director at Givin Vids, before he starts his travels for the Fall releases. He was in Baker and filming all over with his Givin crew. Some new additions and the same gnarly gangsta's as always are the cast of characters in their second feature film....TOO
A man of simple thoughts and great creativity, Aaron is a true OG of the Snowboard Indusrty. It's good to catch up with him before he has to get ready for the next season of working...

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How are the people in Baker?
Very chill - it's core there and plenty of outdoorsmen. It was a great winter there to film "Too."

Snow Quality in Baker?
It's rad - different in scope some wet some, some heavy. But the cold would help with the layers. It might drop a foot while you're out for the day

Thoughts on the new video "TOO"?
It's awesome and worth your time to watch it. Anyone that like our first video "One" will enjoy this. The last one was our introduction. This film is our next chapter of opening up to the audience. Our feature films are for them to "know us." That's why we do it...for the audience.

Would you move to Baker?
I kinda already did this past winter. It's cheap and enjoyable. I liked it but have to chase the storms for the films.

How does "Too" compared to last year?
Forest Burke for one, Chris Bradshaw, and Blayne Treeter are probably the three biggest edition to the crew. Straight man child from those three...crazy rails - switch moves --- All types of ballsy. Bradshaw is legend.

How did Wyatt did this year?
His part is sick as it gets. He is a true soul rider.

Anything to new this year?
Gnu and Stepchild Boards get a shout out this year...

What's next for you?
I'm flying out to LA tomorrow....
Laguna Regency Theater
Thursday - 8:30pm doors open
$5 at the door
After Party will go down as well...at Marine Room Tavern - come by and see the crew for some fun.
Then it's the Fall releases all over the mountain towns. The Meeting in Aspen is always a great event to enjoy.

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