Sunday, August 12, 2012

Danielle Spradley - Gatsby Art to show the Grimey Past

Artist Danielle Spradley of Dubble Dutch Editions has based her recent work on the attitudes and experiences she has in St. Louis Missouri. After losing three friends to murder, by kids as young as 15 years old Spradley became intrigued by “the wild wild west” and its history in her area. Drawing her back into “Black Elk Speaks”, a book that truly affected her as a child. The tale portraits a scene on the Missouri river on a reconnaissance mission spotting “fireboats” as the Native Americans referred to them. This particular steamboat was filled with nothing but the buffalo tongues the white people found as delicacies in this time. Spradley began to consider the connection in the persisting attitude in America and specifically the Midwest ever since.

 Feeling the waste of our environment and the attitude towards our fellow man at a downfall, helping to continue a society filled with violence and pollution. Also seeing the constant trash and litter all around her own home in the city of St. Louis. Danielle worked to understand where this type of behavior was coming from. Juxtaposing these personal experiences with the Native American Folklore in a modern day surrounding has truly set her work apart. After attending the Memphis College of Art where she was introduced to paper-making. Danielle was fortunate enough to move into well-known papermaker Joan Hall’s building, including a paper studio in her basement and a full print studio up stairs. Opening her work to the beautifully crafted and more environmentally friendly medium she has mastered in every piece of work. Making every piece personally attached from beginning to end. 

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