Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saved by the Ball

A few weekends back, the Gatsby was tempted to whip out a Motorola brick and call Zack and Kelly to tell them to get their butts down from The Max to Randall's Island  because it's alright, it's alright...cause you're saved by the Ball (Governor's Ball).

Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but fashion and music throwbacks, combined with some angsty performance tendencies sure did make the Gatsby wonder if the 90s are back?  

Sunday's line-up included Beck and Fiona Apple, staples of said decade.  Apple was Sunday's only artist promoting a new album, but she delivered plenty of her classic hits as well as new material.  Beck and Modest Mouse also stuck to their classics, playing to the nostalgia of the late 20s/30-something crowd. 

Saturday's line-up was clearly aimed at a younger crowd, featuring dance and hip hop acts.  Boulder duo Big Gigantic got the crowd going with their high energy blend of jazzy melodies and dance beats.  Santigold put on her standard strange spectacle (complete with horse costume and dead pan dancers) and Major Lazer threw down a wicked performance....water sprayed on the crowd, shirts helicoptered in the air, booty dancers and crowd surfing...oh, and dirty dance hall mixed with a dash of drum and bass....can you say PARTY?

On Saturday night, Kid Cudi led the charge back in time with a schizophrenic set that bounced back and forth between efforts to hype the crowd and dark, melancholy songs about the rapper's emotional turmoil.  Could have sworn we were listening to late 90s emo at certain points. Homie actually managed to out-angst Fiona Apple, but definitely not out-sing her (stick with the auto-tune Kid)

Chromeo apparently got the wrong decade in the memo, playing a set of dancy 80s-inspired tunes, complete with backup singers straight out of the  "Addicted to Love" video 

Saturday's headliners, Boston's Passion Pit, started their set with radio hit 'Take a Walk' and played a balanced mix of new material from their upcoming album Gossamer (due out July 24th) and favorites like 'Better Things', 'Sleepyhead' and 'Little Secrets'.  A solid light show, featuring a false lightning storm, complemented lead singer Michael Angelakos'  vibrant and energetic performance.  Looking every part the hipster, Angelakos and the rest of the band all rocked suits with skinny ties and almost identical Buddy Holly hairdos.

While hipster gear was definitely present  in the crowd too (non-prescription glasses? don't leave Brooklyn without 'em), checking out the scene, we weren't sure whether we were in NYC 2012 or in Beverly Hills 90210.  The fellas were sporting neon in abundance, and ladies rocked high waisted shorts and crop tops.  Tropical and southwestern prints were popular.  There was also a  plethora of leotards. So,,,are scrunchies and jelly shoes the next trends set to resurface? 

Some other  trends  spotted (of the non-90s variety) were lace tops-super cute and perfectly airy for the summer heat- and Fedoras on both guys and gals (just remember kids, only one fedora per crew)

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