Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tommy and Buckley Omega

 Surrounding themselves with the art, music, tattoo, snow, and skateboard cultures they know and love; Buckley Omega  is filled with fun loving, and street wise supporters at all of their events. With a keen eye on the fashion around them, Their work is thread from the friends, music, art, and the beautiful Mile High City they love. Simplicity guides them through the art, design, and beauty they find in everything they see. The start of Buckley Omega was highly influenced by the mesh of Mike Giant, Rebel 8, and the inspiring Johnny Cupcakes story. The works of many Denver brands such as, DVLP, Akomplice and the people behind them have come as a great push as well. Buckley Omega isn't afraid to push the limits. They find inspiration from anyone staring fear in the eyes and pushing the limits with them. Flirting with the lines of good and evil we find deep inside us all, Buckley Omega says "Hail to the trouble makers, but good always wins in the end." 

In the past year owner Tommy has made many changes, all of which have only bettered Buckley Omega's brand and products. Consumed by a growing knowledge that continues to build even better designs. Tommy is on the daily grime, and keeping it very Gatsby! If you don't know already Buckley Omega is inside some amazing stores around Denver. Indy Ink, Tommy's Slalom Shop, Community Service, I Heart Denver Store, Megafauna, TS Boardshop, Jalopy'z, and for the non Colorado residents you can get your fix online at You better get that speed up in your DeLorean cause the future holds more limits being pushed, more events, fresh gear, and as always more fun in store for all supporters of Buckley Omega.

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