Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our most recent projects in the video world

We've had a great time this past week gearing up for our 1st Year Anniversary. We dropped a music video for Dirt Monkey & Ishe. We tossed up a nice video fro Ink Monstr's Pool Party and we have some epic filler shots for some of our graffiti clients. All in all, this past week went by fast but we were able to get this up for you...the audience. You can see pics from the Pool Party in our SmugMug Account (if you were there...you'll probably be in there).

We have been dropped some info from our graffiti heads about the Denver area and it's legendary art. We set out to grab some shots for our clients on the East Coast for a piece they requested. We have more "spots" to see. We also have plenty of heads that would love to toss up your logo if your looking for that "guerrilla aspect." Just let us know.... thegatsby@thegrimeygatsby.com

Over 1,100 views in a week for Play Me records. Dirt Monkey & Ishe's "Turn Up the Ride" is sitting in the top 5 dubstep albums on Beatport. If you haven't seen it - check it out. If you have - Thank you. Music Videos are one of the many things we can direct, design, and produce for you. 

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